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Toronto’s Smoked Meat Duel is Imminent

A few years ago, the only smoked meat you could get in Toronto was the kind brought in from Montreal.

Then Caplansky’s entered the scene. Then the Stockyards started selling a pastrami sandwich. Then Goldin’s smoked meat appeared around town, and at the Free Times Cafe. Opinions and preferences began to fly. Each claimed their top spot. Their fans fought hard on the foodie blogs and message boards.

But now, the battle is going public. Because on July 25th, at 1pm, Caplansky’s, Goldin’s, and the Stockyards are bringing out the knives and the briskets, converging on the Wychwood Barns farmer’s market, and having an old fashioned duel for smoked meat supremacy.

The best part is that the proceeds will go toward the Stop, a wonderful organization combating hunger and malnutrition in the city, via education and advocacy in the kitchen and garden.

This is going to be huge. Get there early and get there hungry.

Where: Wychwood Barns, 601 Christie St. (Barn #1)
When: Sunday, July 25, 1 to 5 pm.
How much: Free. (Food and drink available for purchase; all proceeds go to The Stop.)

15 Responses to “Toronto’s Smoked Meat Duel is Imminent”

  1. Marilla Says:

    Dammit! Going to be out of town for visitor’s day at my kid’s camp. Would have LOVED to have gone to this. Go Zane!

  2. Steve Says:

    How can you have an old fashioned duel for smoked meat supremacy without Centre Street Deli?

  3. Chester Pape Says:

    Anybody wanna make any side bets on whether Caplansky’s runs out of meat before the event starts?

  4. Miranda Says:

    Could not agree more, Steve–Centre Street blows them both away. Mmmmm.

  5. RC Says:

    Clearly the poster who claimed that Centre Street Deli “smoked meat” should be part of this competition knows nothing about real smoked meat. Centre Street might be an institution for those further north, or for those whose parents grew up in Montreal (Snowdon Deli is also crap, by the way) That factory “smoked” meat doesn’t hold a candle to the real stuff. It doesn’t even resemble to cut of meat it started out as. Gross!

  6. Hal Winzler Says:

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  7. Andy Says:

    This sounds too good to miss. Even as a vegetarian…

  8. Markyu Mark Says:

    Caplansky’s woms hands down. They deserved to win, but the event was atrociously organized. The Stockyards ran out after selling tickets and having people wait for nothing in the sun and Goldin’s line is so long you could die of heat stroke. Great idea burt poorly executed I’m afraid.

  9. Marky Mark Says:

    This was a great idea that didn’t quite work out. Caplansky’s was fabulous but of the other two one had already run out by the time we got to the front of their line (although they said more might be coming by 4 or so) and the third had a really long and slow moving line in the hot sun.

  10. maughln Says:

    Great event. But Caplanski’s won? Really?
    I loved all three contestants, but would place Zane and crew last. Was there to support Goldin’s but was won over by the Stockyards, can’t wait for my next visit.

  11. Marc Bernstein Says:

    I grew up with the original Switzers,Sam Shopsowitz, Benny’s Bagel,United Bakers-I have been to Zane Caplansky’s super-fantastic deli 4 times-it is the best. The smoked meat sandwiches are fatty, a delight to the senses and palate. Fries are out of this world. Zane’s desserts are a treat on their own,and a perfect finish to a great meal-lunch,breakfast,brunch or dinner. Hot tongue on rye, (the pickled kind,which is rare) great rye bread, a fantastic + huge,absolutely wonderful and joyous smoked fatty meat sandwich,generously piled on high-great mustard, service is warm and so welcoming.

  12. Cheryl Says:

    I’m writing as a representative of The Stop, which organized this event. First I want to say a big thank you to everyone who came out the the First Annual Deli Duel. As you know, the event was even more popular than we expected, which resulted in delis running out of meat. We learned a lot in this first year and appreciate your feedback which will help us run an even better event next year. Hope to see you there!

  13. Hello hello Says:

    I was there yesterday. I thought the event was fun and delicious – the sunshine was amazing, the food was great and the crowd in a great mood. I’m glad the Stop could have such crowds and obviously make more money. When the beer and meat ran out they got more. It just gave us more time to chat with our neighbours. The Lemonade never ran out!

    For me Stockyards was the winner hands down. Goldin’s was too fatty and Caplansky’s was a little bland. But all in all, I was happy to fork over some cash and enjoy the event!

  14. Lonnie Radoslovich Says:

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