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Meet Gladis, Chicago’s counterwoman

Last week I wrote about Diana, the counterwoman at Brooklyn’s Mile End, who broke the schmaltz ceiling for women in delis who are slicing meats. I asked you to provide me with evidence of another woman with a knife in her hand and pastrami in her heart.

Now, Brad Rubin of Chicago’s Eleven City Diner has answered. With not one, but two counterwomen, who happen to be sisters. Below is Gladis. Her sister Maria also works behind the counter. I’ve asked Brad for her Maria’s photo too.

A big hand for these ladies. Keep them coming!

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  1. aaron levy Says:

    Long live Deli counter men & women who slice the pastrami by hand. And LONG LIVE The Deli!!!The best food ever with taste that can’t be beat.. There is no equal!!!!

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