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Oy, Obama (see correction in next post)

***I got this wrong. The President ordered the mayo sandwich for his companion. Please see next post for correction***

Despite the fact that President Obama has been seen eating corned beef, on rye, with mustard at Manny’s Deli in Chicago, despite the fact that I actually visited the White House, and saw a signed photograph of Manny’s in Obama’s chief advisor’s office, despite the fact that this advisor, Lower East Side deli maven David Axelrod, runs much of the show inside the administration…the President of the United States made that cardinal sin of all American politicians…

He ordered his corned beef sandwich with mayonaise. Oy.

Reports the Miami New Times:

It has been widely reported that President Obama and U.S. Rep. Kendrick Meek stopped by Jerry’s Famous Deli on South Beach after their fundraiser at the Fontainebleau. Never mind that the Prez ordered one of two corned beef sandwiches with mayonnaise (oy!) — the biggest political sandwich blunder since presidential candidate Kerry went to Philly and asked for a cheesesteak sandwich with swiss cheese!

Like George McGovern and Bobby Kennedy before him, Obama made the mistake of asking for mayo, that technically kosher, but spiritually treyf condiment so abhorred by true deli lovers. But the New Times heaps further scorn for his choice of deli: Jerry’s Famous Deli, the big business deli that destroyed the Rascal House, Wolfie’s, and much of South Florida’s deli legacy.

I know it’s just a trivial matter of picking out a deli, but I’ll bet Bill Clinton’s aides would have seen to it that when he was going to make a comment about supporting small business, he’d do so in the confines of an actual small business, with real working class small business owners hugging him and glowing with appreciation (actually, he’d be hugging them, but you get the point).

Here at Save the Deli, we think the President still has a chance to regain our trust. I’ve just been informed that a new Jewish deli is opening in the DC area. The Uptown Deli is opening soon in Bethesda, MD, that military rich suburb outside DC, where the Prez surely goes to visit his doctor. Its owner, Howard Wasserman, is promising authentic Jewish deli fare, and he is doing something the President can surely support: opening a small business at the height of this recession. Pay Howard a visit Mr. Obama. For our sake and yours.

Uptown Deli
7905 Norfolk Ave
Bethesda MD 20814

12 Responses to “Oy, Obama (see correction in next post)”

  1. dave Says:

    Let’s see. mayo is made up of oil and eggs. I routinely eat roast beef sandwiches with both mustard and mayo. So although its frowned upon, I don’t think it’s that bad. What would be bad would be butter on pastrami. Now that would require an arrest warrant.

  2. Obama Says:

    David — thanks for the heads up on the Uptown. Keep up the great work!

  3. schnapps Says:

    What do we expect from the President …he’s still a goy

  4. Michael Says:

    A new deli just opened in Potomac, Md. Brooklyn Deli, which has excellent corned beef.

  5. Allan Says:

    …mayo is bad enough….he could have done worse and asked for his deli delight on white bread,,!…..he can’t be forgiven…..

  6. Steve Says:

    I was once in line behind a tourist who ordered a corned beef on wheat with mayo,lettuce and tomato at Hershel’s East Side Deli at the Reading Terminal Market in Philly. The counterman asked if he was sure about that. I laughed.

  7. trb Says:

    C’mon give the guy a break!

  8. Michael S. Says:

    We all know that each time someone orders pastrami or corned beef with mayo, a Jew dies. Obama may not be the greatest friend Israel (and by extension the Jews in general) ever had, but this is going too far!

    Then again, he could have ordered the sandwich with ketchup…..

  9. Ray Druian Says:

    Does Jerry’s Famous in South Florida have any connection to the Jerry’s Famous Delis that are all over the El Lay area???

  10. Kenneth Peck Says:

    Give the Prez a break. First of all, do we know that he and not Kendrick Meek picked out the South Beach deli? Second, he ordered two sandwiches. Does anyone know if Michelle likes her corned beef with mayonnaise?
    Third, it’s not just taste, it’s geography. Where Obama’s family comes from (County Cork?) maybe they like their corned beef with mayonnaise, do you know? He may like to try it with Russian dressing if he likes it with mayonnaise but who am I to tell him? Does he read this blogsite?

  11. victor Says:

    A “shanda.”

  12. David Sax Says:

    This is David here. I made a mistake Mayogate is overblown. The mayo sandwich was for his companion, a nice goyish congressman.

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