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Mexican Pastrami, Deli in Vegas, and a Song

Some random stuff for these Days of Awe.

First, our good friends at the Jew and the Carrot blog (now hosted by the Forward), report on the Mexification of pastrami in LA:

In Los Angeles, pastrami is often removed from a Jewish context. On the Eastside, in Latino neighborhoods like Lincoln Heights, pastrami is so commonly offered alongside burritos and tacos, the deli meat almost seems Mexican.
So then how did pastrami come to be associated with Mexican food? Perhaps these burrito stands or drive-thrus had once been staffed by Jews? Or had pastrami, like polka, been brought to Mexico by emigrants from Eastern and Central Europe?

Next, a report from our special correspondent in Las Vegas, David Cowles, who moved there last year, and has finally found a deli feast to satisfy his cravings:

The (J W Marriott) Rampart Casino in Las Vegas–an upscale casino several miles away from downtown and the Strip–now has a “deli night” every Thursday night at their buffet restaurant for $18.99 per person–all you can eat!

I tried it out night before next, and the food is actually good! No, it’s better than good. It’s wonderful!

They have most everything, too. I started out by helping myself to a large dollop of chopped chicken liver from a serving tub in the refrigerated and salads section that held at least a gallon of the goop.
Yes, they have typical deli salads — cole slaw, macaroni salad, potato salad, etc.
The brisket was almost as good as I make at home, and that’s saying something!
They have trays of pastrami and corned beef at the steam table, already cut, just waiting for the server to slap them on rye (or other) bread. Two kinds of mustard are nearby. I didn’t see any mayonnaise, thankfully.

HERE’S A LINK There’s also whitefish salad, herring, and unlimited Dr. Brown’s. Viva Las Vegas!

Finally, a song to take you out. Courtesy of Rita Abrams, it hits at the heart of Judaism’s central crisis in the Bay Area.

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  1. Pastramiking Says:

    we should be so happy we have Miller’s East in the City of SF now….that song hurts me so much – cause I know we have some decent delis – although it’s not LA or NYC. Miller’s, Max’s, Moishe’s Pippic, Saul’s in Berkeley, David’s Deli (maybe a stretch)….let’s hope Treyf opens up soon!

  2. Ismena Says:

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