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Ratner’s Second Life?

I don’t venture into the world of dairy too often (trying to keep this kosher style), but I love an onion roll and shmear as much as the next guy. Sadly, the number of Jewish dairy restaurants were never many, and their decline has been even more dramatic than the delicatessen.

The biggest to fall was Ratner’s, a staple of New York’s Lower East side for much of the 20th century, known for freshly baked breads, soups, gefilte fish, and the surliest waiters in the world. It closed about a decade back, and I get emails at least once a month asking if it will ever reopen.

Well…maybe. Though not where you think.

Ratner’s is apparently opening in Los Angeles, at the corner of La Cienega and 3rd, right in Hollywood. The final city permit hearing was yesterday, which means those blintzes of yore could be coming to the city of Angels real soon.

Here’s the press release they’ve sent out a few weeks back:

“We are happy to announce the upcoming arrival of West 3rd Streets newest Restaurant….Ratner’s Deli! Ratner’s will be a modern reincarnation of the original NYC Deli that was open for almost 100 years! With a top secret celebrity chef in the kitchen, Ratner’s will be open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as for take out and delivery. The team of Ratner’s Deli wants you to know that we are all lifelong residents of the community and that we are truly committed to being positive and active members of the commercial district. We are already an instrumental part of the 3rd street valet program, which will alleviate much of the parking congestion that is rampant in our neighborhood. In addition, 1% of our yearly net profits will be reinvested in our community to a project chosen by our customers! We thank you for your support and looking forward to serving you next year!”

Sounds promising. My only concerns are “celebrity chef”, and the fact that they’re calling it a “deli”. But I’m willing to wait and see, and if it’s good, I’ll be flying out there with my mother, who talks about Ratner’s to this day.

11 Responses to “Ratner’s Second Life?”

  1. aalevy Says:

    It should reopen in NYC.
    Lucky LA

  2. Michael Ganz Says:

    Lucky La La land.

  3. Steve H Says:

    We used to have birthday parties, anniversary parties and family circle meetings at Ratners.
    A great place. They shouldn’t call it a deli.
    I remember every waiter … think they’ll fly them out? :-)
    Ratner’s is owned by the Harnatz family.
    I used to tell them to open a place in Williamsburg, Bklyn.
    I keep my Ratner’s credit card right next to my Peter Lugar’s card.

  4. John H Says:

    Ratner’s had a credit card system?! thats awesome. how did religuous jews handle money on the weekends at this joint? wikipedia says it was a 24 hour deli

  5. Pinky Schnartzwahl Says:

    I sure hope this works out! (But if it doesn’t, I still have a copy of their recipe book)

  6. The Real Ratner Says:

    Ratner’s was a great and it was started by Alex Ratner in 1908

  7. ArchiesBoy Says:

    Yeah, so here it is February — where is it?

  8. Ratners Says:

    Is it related to the one on the lower east side? Same owners/family?

    Do you think anyone could ever reopen the original ratner’s?!!

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  11. turks son Says:

    i grew up in ratners.the turk practically lived there.old friend of red and MR.B Siegel

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