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A Reuben By Any Other Name

The great Jewish debate, via the Reuben debate:

3 Responses to “A Reuben By Any Other Name”

  1. Aredee Says:

    That video proves the adage, “two Jews, three opinions.” I’d add my own: to this day, Omaha takes the credit for inventing the Reuben sandwich. 

  2. Pastramiking Says:

    Pretty funny stuff here.

    I agree with first guy – Sauerkraut = a Reuben. With coleslaw is something different and they call it something different depending on where you are – IE the Brooklyn @ Canter’s or the #19 at Langer’s.

  3. dieta dunkan Says:

    ?Alguien sabe de que va esto? Aun Asi de que tus articulos sea un referente para mi.

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