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Mixed Bag Day

So much random stuff piling up. I’m just going to toss it out there and clear my inbox.

Our buddy Brad Rubin, at Eleven City Diner in Chicago needs our help. The deli has been nominated a finalist for Chicago Convention and Tourism Board’s BEST Smell fo Chicago contest. This should be tough, because between its hot dog vendors, steakhouses, bakeries, and people Chicago is a good smelling town. Vote here for Eleven City.

Out in LA, the food truck scene just got more interesting with Takosher, a kosher taco truck. Not deli, but nice to know there’s a chazzerei free carne asada out there somewhere.

In the town of Brevard, NC, a veteran of the Philadelphia deli scene named Art Margraf wants you all to know that he has been selling staples like corned beef, pastrami, and liverwurst at his “Brevard Delicatessen” since 2001. If you’re ever in Brevard, check it out.
112 Commerce Street
Brevard NC 28712

Hartford, CT: I just heard about Reuben’s, a relatively new deli (since January), in a state that could certainly use more of them. I have to love this place, because their website has that great Milton Berle quote “Anytime a person goes into a delicatessen and orders a pastrami on white bread, somewhere a Jew dies.” Head over and tell Brian Hersh you want to save the Jews with a sandwich on rye bread.

Our man in Detroit, Sy Ginsberg, proudly told me about a great new opening in Cincinnati, a city that really needed a great Jewish deli. It’s called Rascals Deli, and it’s in the suburb of Blue Ash, OH. Sy gives owners Gary Zakem and Morris Zucker (they should have called it Zee’s or ZZ Schtop’s) his seal of approval, which is the highest standard you can imagine.

Back here in Toronto, a former slicer of Zane Caplansky’s, Skinny Joe Surblys, has opened in his old space at the Monarch Tavern, serving up corned beef, smoked meat, and burgers, with excellent hand cut fries, and the trademark Monarch sports, classic rock, and comfortable seats. I kinda missed that place.

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  1. Norman Bloom Says:

    I do like visiting delis when i travel to The states. I have been to A deli up in the north part of Manhattan I can,t remember its name but it was pretty good.
    The best deli that I went to was Manny,s on Jefferson St Chicago. Just down from the Fire Academy.
    Graet sandwiches and it was busy there.
    I recommend Mannys in Chicago…..

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