Save the Deli

A Save the Deli TV teaser, and a guest spot on Food Network

It’s friday, time to kick back in front of the tube and just let the brain turn to mush.

What’s on? Why it’s the Save the Deli TV teaser. Basically, I shot this with Christopher Farber (who did the book’s cover) last month at Hobby’s in New Jersey, as a sort of audition tape for the Food Network. They didn’t offer me a show in the end, but at least you all get to watch me in HD.

Save the Deli: Hobby’s Delicatessen, in Newark, NJ from Christopher Farber on Vimeo.

Now, if you want to see me on the big screen, tune into the premiere of the new Food Network show Meat and Potatoes tonight. It’s exactly how it sounds, a carnivore’s dream, and the pilot episode stops by Brooklyn’s Mile End, to visit with everyone’s favorite 20 something deli owning couple, Noah Bernamoff and Rachel Cohen. I make an appearance as resident expert, or Customer #3. Either way. Good times.

10pm tonight on Food Network USA (sorry Canada, we still suck)

9 Responses to “A Save the Deli TV teaser, and a guest spot on Food Network”

  1. aalevy Says:

    You get me salvating for a great corned beef sandwich.

    Keep the Good Work Up & the Jewish Deli and its delicious food will go on and on and be Saved!

  2. dave Says:

    Wow, am i hungry. They should have given you the show. keep trying.

  3. aalevy Says:

    One more comment because I want you to know that I’ll remember to Watch Food Net Work tonight.
    Keep up the good work and the Deli will be Saved for all Jewish Deli food lovers.

  4. Eat This NY Says:

    StD looks great in HD. Nice work on the video. This would have been a perfect way to literally save the deli. Once America gets a taste for this food, we’re in the clear.

    Sorry this one didn’t work out. But there are plenty more avenues out there. Keep up the good work!

    And looking forward to the show tonight!

  5. Paul Goldberg Says:

    As the son of a deli man (who had a great deli in Brooklyn), I’ve enjoyed your book and I enjoyed the video. I think that the show would have been a great idea. Fortunately, there are still a number of good delis here on Long Island.

  6. daiv Says:

    You call it Jewish deli, but you should really be calling it Jewish Kosher Style Deli. If it truly was a Jewish deli it would be serving kosher meat and not serving cheese or dairy.

  7. David ouellet Says:

    I’m so hungry and The Center Street is closed now!

  8. Harry Kluger Says:

    I enjoyed the video, but your comment about the bread on the corned beef sandwich not being important was surprisingly erroneous – or perhaps it was an unintended comment. The bread is crucial – it has to be good Jewish corn bread or rye bread with a slightly moist, chewy quality.

  9. Harry Kluger Says:


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