Save the Deli

Paperback Time!

The paperback is officially out!

Can you believe it’s been a year?

Yes folks, last year, on this day, Save the Deli launched like a schmaltz powered rocket. Remember the party at Ben’s? 400 plus people who came for free food, and Freddie Roman, Jelvis, and world records… Since then I’ve toured all over America with the book, talked to countless deli lovers, and even took home a few awards.

And now, I bring you the new and improved Save the Deli, in paperback. We’ve made a few changes, corrected some mistakes, but most importantly, there’s an ENTIRELY NEW CHAPTER on the roots movement of new delis. It talks about Caplansky’s, Mile End, and Kenny and Zuke’s, three of the most important Jewish delis to open in a long time. Tomorrow, I’ll post a sample from the new chapter, but if you really want to sink your teeth into it, buy a copy today.

Reasons why:

- new material!
- lighter than the hardcover!
- cheaper than the hardcover!

You can also get it on the Kindle, or iPad, or the rest of those sweet devices. So head to the Save the Deli store today and stock up.
*note: it’s out now in the US, but the Canadian edition just went to the printer. Sorry Canada, you’re going to have to wait a few weeks.

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  1. lauren Says:


  2. Noah B Says:

    If you care about the Jewish culinary tradition, YOU MUST BUY THIS BOOK! Congrats DS.

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  4. Nasira Ratti Says:

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