Save the Deli

Chappy Chanukah

It’s that glorious day folks. When the oil sizzles, the starches congeal, and the apple sauce comes out. Light the candles (at least two, tonight), spread the gelt, eat the foil on the chocolate, and give some gifts around.

One that would be good, of course, is a copy of the newly released Save the Deli paperback edition. It’s been out in the USA for two months, and will be hitting shelves in Canada next week. Here’s the new Canadian cover, including James Beard’s bald head stamped right on there.

And now, on to the latkes, courtesy of this adorable Jewish nerd, and his sweet Bubbie.

And if you haven’t had your nerd fill yet, suck on this beauty:

2 Responses to “Chappy Chanukah”

  1. julia Says:

    I love “Feed me Bubbie”! The episodes are so great – I just want to give her a kiss!

  2. schnapps Says:

    I love Bubbe’s blender method. It makes a different texture and a lighter latke. Thanks,Bub

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