Save the Deli

I Own A Deli, I Am Jew

Wow, Wow, Wow.


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  1. Allan Says:

    Great tribute….nice lyrics….your making me hungry..time for brisket….keep up the good work…..

  2. Todd Says:

    That was sensational. :) Very touching, very sweet. And it makes me hungry, too! Thanks you for sharing it. Where is this deli???? I want to go there and eat! :)
    Happy Holidays to all.

  3. Roy Wells Says:

    Just played that lady’s song about her deli and her uncle. Can’t stop laughing. I left Brooklyn to find my place in the world, and I’m still looking, but now I’m hungry too!!

  4. dana joy Says:

    as a huge Barry Manilow fan, I have to say I am very impressed. what fun. and yes, hungry-making.

  5. arthur baum Says:

    Cute, and I’m getting hungry, and it’s lunch time. BUT…I don’t think this qualifies as a satire; therefore, Manilow should be getting royalties because he owns the copyright. A few years ago the Supreme Court ruled in favor of satire being an exception to the copyright laws.

  6. Mark Schachner Says:

    Magnificent simply Magnificent
    Happy Holidays to all
    and a special thanks to
    David Sax for his hard work
    spreading the word

  7. aalevy Says:

    Keep up the Great Work…TV spot was also wonderful. The Deli must survive!

  8. gloria abramson Says:

    That was wonderful. Just wish all the delicious deli I remember as a child was available up here in northern N.E.

  9. joyce burditt Says:

    From this Catholic girl deli fanatic, the best of all possible luck to you and your deli.


  10. cookingwithdee Says:

    Hilarious, I love it. And I second Joyce, I was raised Catholic too but my religion is smoked meat, hot pastrami, great rye bread and mustard. Thank you, David, for sharing this, Dee

  11. Steven Says:

    You just made me so HUNGRY!!!! What a Great song!!!! reminded me of my Grandmothers food!!!!

  12. Steve Halpern Says:

    Funny- BUT what kind of KOSHER shrine has meat and also bagel w. cream cheese?? and herring in cream sauce?? NAH!!!

  13. MONA FLAUM Says:


  14. saartje Says:


  15. Ann Says:

    The song was good, the singing bad it droned on, needed some life into it,

  16. June Goldman Says:

    This song is positively amazing. Thank you for enlightening those of us who are Jews and those non-Jews who are lucky enough to view this.

  17. Genessa Sugarman Says:

    That was wonderful!!! There is nothing in this world like a Jewish Deli!! Yum!!

  18. Mel Rosenberg Says:

    Great song, sung with sincerity and real Jewish heart. I’m on a perpetual diet and I still loved it. MR

  19. Stu Says:

    Wonderful!!!!I loved it. Reminded me of growing up in Bensonhurst and Flatbush. Happy Holidays to all.

  20. Don Young Says:

    The lady hit every bone inside. Beautifulk thought for this season. And it makes me soooo;;;;hungry!!!

  21. Richard Says:

    What memories luv the sentiment oh for a knish!!

  22. Arlene Shulman Says:

    The singer was just perfect for this tribute to a Jewish Deli. I could smell the food while she sang and loved, loved this production. May the Deli survive!

  23. natalie a Says:

    Being a former Deli owner, it was nice to hear the song

  24. Cory Bright Says:

    There was great satire in this. And the song that was sung was both touching and hilarious at the same time! The Jewish tone only added to it!

    I have a real affinity growing up in this culture. Long live the deli and culture (and Barry Manilow)!

    Cory Bright (Birghtberg)

  25. ARNIE H. Says:

    Long live the Jewish Deli! Moving to New Jersey has left me hungering for all those delicacies in the song. NOTHING can ever compare to a New York Jewish Deli! *sigh* Oh what I wouldn’t give for a good piece of kishka.

  26. Jan Rose Says:

    Very creative way of expressing a deeply seated cultural tradition.

  27. Glenn Mautner Says:

    Very timely, as I finally got to Katz’s Deli on 6th Street in Austin, Texas. Texas? Yep, this place is a goodie, reminds me of deli’s in Chicago. Chicago? Yep, again. Great song!



  29. Marilyn A. Says:

    Talk about nostalgia … You know, you can’t get a decent bagel in Jerusalem!

  30. Mary V. Says:

    Born in N.Y but lived my adulthood in Chicago. It just can’t get any better -anywhere – than a good Jewish Deli!! Dad brought home excellent Deli from Sutter Ave, Brooklyn – he was a cop out of the 75 precinct. Such great memories…and food!

  31. Arnie Z Says:

    Born & Raised in Brooklyn. As a kid we had deli every Sunday for dinner. Can’t find any here in metro Atlanta. Miss it.

  32. Sharon Says:

    My Uncle Willie owned Grabsteins in Canarise, Brooklyn. We were a “deli” family. My dad worked and catered and my mom was the “frankfurter” lady!!!!!

  33. Jay W. Says:

    Sam and Hy’s ( ava shalom)—–Kaufman’s—-Manny’s—-Max’s—-
    Max and Benny’s—- I visit them all as often as i can…..All in Chicago & burbs—-
    cute song—

  34. neil l. Says:

    Hy Tulip in Brooklyn.

    Steve H is right.No dairy with meat.

  35. Garry Armstrong Says:

    Wonderful!! I’m a native New Yorker (Brooklyn) tranplanted to New England 40 years ago. But I’ll never forget the sights, smells, tastes and, most of all, the friendliness of the deli (Plural) from long ago. They’ll always be part of my sense memory. No, I”m not Jewish but who cares?

  36. Howard Hurwitz Says:

    From Chicago, listened to the song, ran to MANNY’S

  37. Darryl Says:

    This is great! The number of Kosher delis seems to be dwindling in the Northern NJ area. It brings back fond memories!! Thanks!!

  38. Leslye Louis Says:

    What a fantastic tribute to Jewish food and culture presented in such a joyous and fun way!! Bravo to your food…your photos and that fantastic rendition ….I am sure Barry Manilow
    would be proud. There was a great piece about Jewish Deli’s dwindling…
    on CBS Sunday Morning last week. They could have used your song and story!
    I am sending this to my sons and friends … I am sure they will enjoy it…it is the next best thing to being at your place and eating that food! Ah the memories!
    thanks so much for brightening my day!!!
    Perhaps one day I can visit you…

  39. Marcia Says:

    I live in MN and the closet deli is 1 1/2 hours away. I can’t wait until this summer when I am going back to Jersey for a visit to (try to) get my fill of corned beef, pastrami, kishka, knishes, etc. I can’t even find a real rye bread here.

  40. Barry Says:

    Made me smile….Shkoyach

  41. Margo Ehrenfield Says:

    My family were New York Jews. It would be sad if the age-old traditions were lost. By the way, I am going to a deli for my birthday lunch.

  42. chaim Says:

    i loved it m having a bad day this brought tears to my eyes and now i must go have a corn beef on rye with mustard and a sweet red pepper.

  43. Bob Friedman Says:

    Grew up in Los Angeles (West Adams area) had many marvelous deli’s and bakeries there but, loved Canter’s on Fairfax, too! Still can relive the aroma and tast of kosher pickles from a very large pickle barrel.

  44. John Kertatos Says:

    I think this is great. I now live in Ca. and are not lucky enough to have a REAL Jewish Deli . I miss New York so much now and as I said a real Deli. Thanks for the memories..

  45. Marty Levinson Says:

    I am looking for a good place for a cor n beef sandwich

  46. DGnyc Says:

    Very cute lyrics and now I want a sandwich!

    FYI everyone, Barry Manilow did not write the original song, he just recorded it. It was written by Bruce Johnston, so he owns the copyright.

  47. Mildred Says:

    This rendition made me smile “from ear to ear”. It also gave me fond memories of some of the deli’s I have known and loved…such as Grabsteins on Ralph Ave., B’klyn, and Goldens on 13th Ave. (B’klyn) and on Staten Island, Mendy’s in Manhattan, Pastrami King, on Queens B’l'v’d. and innumerable ones in Bensonhurst and Boro Park, B’klyn. The 2nd Ave. Deli is still around, and is a wonderful place to eat, — and it is completely Kosher!

  48. Mark Rosenfeld Says:

    Growing up on the north side of Buffalo there were 2 great delis that are no longer there. Freedman’s & Mastmans but, strangely, the deli I remember the best was Sam & Carl’s, in Coral Gables,FL. And even stranger, this wonderful Jewish Deli was owned by 2 Italainers from Chicago.

  49. Jack Forman Says:

    Moved from NE NJ to kS. What a difference. Yhere is nothing even close to a NYC area deli. For Ne NJ there are still good Jewish delis in Teaneck and Tenafly – long mnay they live. Cedar Lane in Teaneck is a Jewish food paradise. Most are glatt kosher. Enjoy…

  50. Snowball Says:

    So cute!! Believe me there are no deli’s down here in Australia that even begin to compare with those in NY. Miss that corned beef!!

  51. Mark Lehrman Says:

    Obviously not a kosher deli (dairy & meat). Worst Jewish stereotype. That accent has disappeared or is disappearing from the Jewish community and perpetuates a certain negative stereotype. The high fat high salt deli food glorified here may be tasty but has contributed to more deaths than we can imagine

  52. beverly marshall Says:

    Although Zabar’s in NYC is more of a market than a deli, your e-mail made me miss their smoked nova, cheese blintzes, smoked sable, whitefish, chopped liver and huge selection of international cheeses. Fortunately, the real deli’s in Delray Beach, Fl such as 3 G’s and Poppies are comparable to the NYC deli’s. I appreciated your e-mail even though it also made me miss my grandma who sounded like you.

  53. Linda Chess Says:

    This was a fun video. We have a fabulous deli here in Houston – Kenny and Ziggy’s. It isn’t kosher, but Ziggy makes a lot of the “Jewish” food from scratch, imports the fish daily, makes the best corned beef and pastrami, etc. Y’all come!

  54. Linda Chess Says:

    This was a fun video. We have a fabulous deli (not kosher) here in Houston. Kenny and Ziggy’s has all the delicious Jewish deli food you could wish for! Ziggy makes a lot from scratch, imports fish daily, makes wonderful corned beef and pastrami…y’all come!

  55. Lisa Mossberg Says:

    We’re spoiled in NY /Plenty of Jewish Deli’s still—
    Enjoyed this lots…

  56. Carole Schwartz Says:

    Having grown up in the suburbs of Cleveland in the 60s( but now living in Dallas,Tx for the past 30 odd yrs) this video made me very homesick for a great Deli still in business there; Corky and Lennys! I go there every time I go “home”.They serve the best corned beef sandwiches!! And the best bright green dill pickles EVER! Loved the video!

  57. Terry Kline Says:

    Brought back fond memories of the Kosher Deli on 86th St & Bay Parkway in Bensonhurst. Ida Katz was an amazing lady and I so adored her son, Richard (RIP).

  58. P. JUNKE Says:

    Mark Lehrman, grow up ! Satire IS FUNNY !

    If you want real deli…Philly, Ann Arbor and Montreal are the only places left.

    New York deli? FEH !

    Hey Mark..I just stereotyped some more.

  59. Carol-Ann Bollinger Says:

    Just watch the video and now I’m starved! What
    fun! Thanks for sharing!

  60. Judie B Says:

    Oy… we could sure use you in Atlanta….

  61. Sylvie Smith Says:


  62. rhoda Says:

    Lived in central FL for 24 years-no deli’s…moved to the Florida Panhandle and we have an Irish restaurant which is the closest to good corned beef and pastrami sandwiches since we left NY-McGuire’s in Destin and Pensacola. Drove west this past summer and stopped in Kenny and Ziggy’s Deli in Houston after seeing a story about them on the Travel Channel. WORTH THE TRIP-DELICIOUS!!!

  63. Jay Michaelson Says:

    Enjoyed the rendition. But, even more I enjoyed all the comments. Here in South Florida, there really isn’t a really good kosher deli. Except perhaps for 3 G’s & Poppies in Del Ray Bch.
    BUT, the best of all was Shmulka Bernstein’s on the lower east side of NY.
    Amazindg how far-flung we are.

  64. steve p Says:

    If there are royalties owed, they do not go to Barry M. He only recorded the song, he did not write it. It was written by Bruce Johnston. He would get the royalties, or whoever owns the publishing rights.

  65. Ira gothelf Says:

    Have been to most of the good deli’s in the East. Not many
    Left. Thank G-d for the 2nd Ave Deli and can’t forget Katz’s.
    What would the world be without the hand carved pastrami with all the fat left on. Also the knockwurst from Katz’s on a piece of rye with mustard. The fries in a paper bag.
    Time for a prilosect. Let’s hear from the Brooklyn people from the junction. Graduated from mid wood in 1964

  66. Fred-eleh Says:


    Yes Katz’s, but let’s not forget Delancy Street’s Haimovitz and Lupowitz cheesecake! • • • never mind their matzoh ball soup.

  67. Ann Says:

    I am a vegan Jew. I would only go to a deli with vegan food. Kosher and cruelty-free!

  68. JerryO Says:

    Loved it–brought back all those great smells. Does anyone remember that great deli on Mermaid ave and 32nd street in Coney Island. THE BEST.

  69. JerryO Says:

    Loved it—brought back great memories. I can almost smell all those wonderful deli meats.
    Does anyone remember that great deli on Mermaid Ave and 32nd street in Coney Island.

  70. earl Says:

    very good. lets expand it and make it a broadway show

  71. Allan Says:

    I am proud to be a Jew I wished I lived near you!

  72. Penny Says:

    Very funny. It made me hungry & long for a good Jewish deli. I live in Jacksonville, Florida & there are no Jewish deli’s here. Not like the ones in New York. A so called deli here, didn’t even know what a knish was. And the accent of the singer was great. You don’t get that here either in Jacksonville. I miss it.

  73. LENNY A. Says:

    Terrific, there are good deli’s here on Long Island,
    Woodro’s, Ben’s to name two. Only drawback is
    I got heartburn watching the video.

  74. Eileen Rubinstein Says:

    @ arthur baum -

    Barry Manilow sang the song but he didn’t write it. From Wikipedia: “”I Write the Songs” is a popular song written by Bruce Johnston in 1975 and made famous by Barry Manilow.”

  75. Harvey S. Says:

    I thought the video was cute but not overly out there. I also thought the singer was a guy
    I wonder how Adam Sandler would have handle this song

  76. Arlene H. Says:

    I could smell the food, so nostalgic. It could have been my Mother or Grandmother singing. Living in Florida now but visit Ben’s Deli whenever I go to Long Island. But nothing like the corner Deli’s we had growing up in Brooklyn exists anymore. Coincidence is that I had hot pastrami and corn beef on rye for dinner this evening, It was in a Deli, that’s as good as Ben’s, in central Florida and it was delicious.

  77. Lisa Says:

    Appys was on Ralph Ave, Grabsteins was on Rockaway parkway, what about George and Sids in Georgetown. The girl in the video was wearing a Mill Basin Deli tee shirtt

  78. Menachem Robinson Says:

    I just made a big mistake. I watched this delightful video on the 10th of Teves, a fast day. I’ll never do that again. It brings me back to my childhood growing up in Philadelphia. I have always enjoyed the deli until my heart attack. Part of being Jewish is a heart condition. I now live outside of Jerusalem, yes Israel, where there are many wonderful kosher restaurants that I can’t eat at. But I do cheat on Shabbos.

  79. Peter Kaye Says:

    Loved it. Few left like this in the UK. If only we had computer smellavision would have enjoyed it more. To those making deep, serious comments above – get a life.

  80. ruth housman Says:

    O My GOSH, I am so HUNGRY. This is DELI cious, the best way to put on wait, without putting on, weight. Meaning I have to find a DELI, and that’s going to take a bit of time, at least another day, because there aren’t that many in Marshfield.

    Getting to YUM. Positively, YUM.

    Yumelkas to you!

  81. Capt Steve Says:

    Glatt kosher it ain’t.
    Cut the cream cheese. Where do I get my number before I get in line.

  82. Lynne Warshauer Says:

    Wherever that Deli is, it has to move to Dallas – we need it badly!

  83. JJ Says:

    Grew up in Philly and Ben and Irv’s on Ogontz Ave every Saturday, for Sunday morning smoked fish. Dinner was pastrami, corned beef and sometimes salami with half sour pickles. Try getting any of that stuff in Charleston, SC…. home of the pastrami on white with mayo crowd where they think Boar’s Head is Deli. Bubba makes great BBQ, but don’t know from Deli. Please open a place down here.

  84. Rosie Says:

    Grew up in Forest Hills/Rego Park Queens and there is only one deli–Bens Deli on Queens Boulevard. I’m JJ’s friend and outside of his trips or my trips to Florida, we are deli poor living in Charleston, SC. Deli down here is shrimp and grits or BBQ or anything on white bread. We really need a deli. Those 8 hour trips to Florida are killing us.

  85. Roni Says:

    Grew up in Brooklyn. Great deli on Sutter Ave., Mac always gave me an extra slice of corned beef. Ate at George and Sid in Canarsie, Brooklyn. Always went to Katz’s in the city. Best knishes at Yonah Schimmel near Katz’s and from Irving, a Holocaust survivor who had a store on Rutland Road, and then moved to Flatlands Ave, in Brooklyn. Been to Poppy’s and 4 G’s in Delray Beach, FL. Not as good as Brooklyn though.Still craving a good corned beef on rye on Gulf Coast in FL.

  86. Joyce Says:

    I just picked up some brisket and potato knish from Barry’s Deli in Waban MA.for tonight’s supper. Love in the afternoon!

  87. Garry Says:

    I’m going across Nostrand Ave to Izzy and Nat’s Deli in Sheepshead Bay, B’klyn as we speak.This is still the 50′s, isn’t it?

  88. Little Anthony Says:

    How about the Stage Deli or Carnegie Deli in Manhattan? The Second Avenue Deli closed and then reopened in a nearby location. Forgetting Zabar’s on the upper west side? If you’re not hungry when you enter, you WILL be in a minute or two.

  89. Robert Spulak Says:


  90. Joe W Says:

    This is more than great. It is very moving to a gastro Jew.
    We live in northeast Florida and must return north for our deli fix

    Kudos to who ever you are

  91. Ramona Says:

    This video had me yearning for a good Jewish
    Deli…it is rare down in south Florida. I remember
    Katz’s and the kosher deli in Little Neck, N.Y.
    Miss those delicious knishes and cornbeef. Enjoyed remembering all the delicious food.

  92. Joe R Says:

    Don’t forget the Lido Deli in Long Beach NY.Delicious!

  93. david marcus Says:

    i miss katz deli, in prembroke pines, florida. too bad, but the jews are leaving this area

  94. Karen Says:

    Oh my God. I am an ex-New Yorker and so miss a good sandwich and Sturgeon..I live in the Bay Area and with all the Jews, the closest thing to NY is Max’s. There’s a place in Berkeley but it doesn’t come close and one far into San Fran…not conveniently located and wow…we need this here!!!

    Costco just started carrying the square flat knishes that I ate growing up in Brooklyn so at least I have that.


  95. dennis Says:

    I am stranded in Las Vegas a place with no soul, no culture, and no deli. outside of a casino. I am dieing here, send me a pastrami san on rye please help please.

  96. Mazal Linowitz Says:

    oy for lean corn beef on rye! Fahrklempt and salivating in Sykesville!

  97. Mazal Linowitz Says:

    and pickled tomatoes! and a real bagel!

  98. Howard Cohen Says:

    Born and raised in Los Angeles. Brents Deli in Northridge doesn’t take a back seat to anyone.

  99. Adelaide Rich Says:

    Made me crack up. very funny. I happen to be going to our Deli the Bagel in Skokie Il tomorrow.Chicken (kreplach) soup, cornbeef on rye and great pickels.Yummy.

  100. Gladys Hirsh Says:

    Makes me long for the old R&W deli at F street & the boulevard in Philly. Thank goodness we still have Ben & Irv’s. For those who can eat a lot , go to Harolds New York Deli in Edison NJ.

  101. Frank Says:

    Sorry Manilow fans, the original wasn’t written by Manilow but by Bruce Johnston of the Beach Boys.

  102. Lillian Says:

    My family were owners of a kosher deli in N.J. You brought back some good memories. Thankyou

  103. avrom yomkel Says:

    if my buba vas gahad vas gahad mine zeta

  104. Alan Freeman Says:

    I told my wife we were eating “Italian” tonight but now it’s Ben’s in Woodbury. Derma, matzo ball soup, Dr Browns and I’ll nibble from everybody else…eat tatala
    I loved this video !

  105. IVA BIGONE Says:


  106. Micky (Levy) Stanfield Says:

    For the whole Westside and Bagels and Meat on the same menu, sounds like West LA to me. You would never find bagels and meat on the same menu in NY. Lived in both, prefer the NY delis. But will take what I can get.

  107. NORTY KALE Says:

    We need a good Jewish deli in Toledo Ohio. kiska and matzo ball soup sound scrumpsous.

  108. avrahan Says:

    What a sad commentary, ” I own a deli, I’m a Jew” — is that all there is to being a Jew, owning a deli? Couldn’t we project a message with a few more lofty thoughts to the watching public, Jew and non-Jew alike, than all we are about is gastro? Come on, doesn’t anyone feel guilty? Now, THAT’S Jewish!

  109. Artheart Says:

    Cute, relatable video. Still meaningful to those who still live in NYC and have access to these delis. I noticed Mill Basin Deli in the video…..they still have great pastrami………..but those prices………GET REAL! No wonder their business is way off!

  110. Marty Diskin Says:

    Marty Diskin says:
    December 18 @ 3:57 P.M.
    Funny, but could be real. Lucky in Detroit area we have excellent delis, but I’m 81 and remember when dad gave me a quarter to get him a corned beef sandwich. Now it’s 8bucks or more.



  112. Herb Goldberger Says:

    Alan Sherman couldn’t have done it better.

  113. Susan Dushane Says:

    Wonderful. Grew up in Brooklyn but lived most of my life in LA. Best deli: Brent’s in Northridge, San Fernando Valley. But no knishes like Mrs Stahl’s brighton beach. The cabbage knish was the best

  114. tom aiello Says:

    Grew up in brooklyn….miss it…live in central florida,,,anyone know of a deli anywheres in central fl????or tampa area??orlando??
    thank you…

  115. FRAN CONO Says:


  116. Harriet Cahn Puglio Says:

    brought back memories of NEWARK,NJ back in the day of TABATCHNICKS, SILVERS BAKERY,
    COHEN’S KNISHES – and the WEEQUAHIC section, where it all began and sadly, ended.

  117. Jule Turnoy Says:

    What the responses here tell me is we Jews are still a food loving culture. My favorite meal in Singapore was the hotdog at the Chicago Deli owned by a couple of fellows from Michigan, no less. “Our food” can be binding, in several ways.

  118. Muriel Says:

    This was great. My husband delivered bread to Mill Basin and I will never forget those sandwiches. Mark is the best, and there is only one Mill Basin. Move to Staten Island

  119. sylvia Says:

    my husband,lloyd, owned marty and lloyd’s on ave u in bklyn.
    he died in 1972 , but now deli is run by jay and lloyd. a coincidence in the name. very good. mill basin is great too.still my soul food.

  120. tom Says:

    sturgeon and hebrew national salami?

    this is the epitaph of the american jew, whose judaism consists of smoked meat and bagels.

  121. judi weinstein Says:

    Shades of Uncle Max Andrews who owned a deli in Roxbury MA for over 40 years! I worked there while in high school!!!

  122. adlai Says:

    Sent this to my brother in law- MENDY

    yes owner of MENDY’S IN NEW YORK!

    Wish we had a deli like this in Orlando!

  123. Esther Davidow Says:

    Love this email. Just wish there was a kosher deli in the Detroit area.

  124. Barry K Says:

    Should be “I’m a Jew” or “I am a Jew” not
    ‘I am Jew”. Listen to what she sings. Otherwise, it’s great.

  125. Peter Says:

    Bless you, David Sax, for maintaining this website. Is it there something in your (and my) Montreal background that makes us especially deli-centric?


    (now Toronto – and a Caplansky’s fan, but I still get my bagels from rue St-Viateur)

  126. Edith Muller-Saxton Says:

    Oh give ma a real Pastrami Sandwich and a kosher pickle, and then I can die with a smile on my face. Where I live, here in Oregon, there are no such sandwiches, like I got at Katz’s in New York. I start drooling, just thinking of it. And the Byalis!!!!!

  127. Yankel Says:

    Yeah, the uncle died from eating all that cholesterol-laden, overcooked food. Where are the grivelas? And that wasn’t gefilte fish in the picture. The swans were puff pastries, not chopped liver. I’m nostalgic too, and a little nauseous.

  128. Judi Dubin Says:

    Live in Ocala Fl for 20 yrs. Still looking for a real Jewish Deli.
    Brought up in Philly where we had the very best deli’s. Must settle for bagels (bread with holes in the middle) and deli from the Super Market where they think Boars Head is the living end. How I desire a real Jewish sandwich with corned beef on Jewish rye with a kosher pickle.

  129. Iris Says:

    I love this! There’s nothing like a kosher deli. Wish there were more than one in St. Louis.

  130. Ken Salav Says:

    My grandmother owned a Deli on the Eastside in Brooklyn, N.Y. This was great and hit me, not only in the stomach, but most of all in the heart

  131. Sheila Says:

    Beachwood has corkey & lenny’s. Sooooo gooood! Atl. has none. Boo hoo

  132. Judie Says:

    Love this, and the pictures made me hungry. You do know that sturgeon isn’t kosher?

  133. Bea Says:

    In the Brooklyn world that I come from cream cheese and lox, herring in cream sauce would came from an appetizing store, not a deli. The deli was another whole wonderful world where Dr. Brown’s cel-ray soda was served with a pastrami or corned beef sandwich. No taste like it

  134. Sandra Says:

    I don’t own a deli, however, “I’m a Jew”

  135. Luiz Borges Says:

    I’m Brazilian, but all my 3 sons,that gave me 4 grandchildren, are leaving in the USA. Although Ï’m not a Jew, I have several very good and close Jewish friends. Every time that I come to the States the first thing that I look for is a Jewish Deli to eat a delicious pastrami sandwich and cole slaw with a cellery soda. I’m suffering for not be able to have those at the moment. Congratulations. Luiz Borges

  136. Natalie Says:


  137. Bunny Okun Says:

    I live in the Pocono Mountains in Bushkill. Pa. With all the Jews moving up here, not one Kosher Deli with good rye and bagels.

  138. Linda Plotkin Says:

    As a child in Milwaukee I ate take-out deli from
    the only authentic Jewish deli there at the time, called Plotkin’s. No relation, but I always said yes when asked if I was related. Now they have Benji’s, which has the best tongue sandwich anywhere, including here in New York. I feel blessed to live here, and love the 2nd Avenue Deli, as well as Katz’s for the best corned beef and pastrami anywhere!!

  139. elaine elkind Says:

    we have bupkiss here in San Francisco …….

  140. elaine elkind Says:

    my hubby is asking me, “where is Bupkiss? – didn’t know we had a good Deli here . . . . “

  141. Ed Shapiro Says:

    I grew up in the Bedford-Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn. Raiden’s’ Deli had two locations there, one on De Kalb Avenue and the other on Stuyvesant Avenue. As a teenager I would go there and “dine” or FRESS with my friends. at both locations.

    I studied chemistry for years and never could figure this out. We would take a few bites out of a corned beef sandwich and “SHLING” down a few gulps of Dr. Brown’s CEL-RAY and then burp (GREPTZ) with such tone, apmlitude and valosity that the dishes woud nearly fly of the table. We could sustain this reaction long enough to recite the alphabet or sing a song! There was allways an old guy sitting in the corner who woudl shout out “CHAZER” (Yiddish for pig) but the counter man allways laughed and said “what do you expect, boys will be boys- leave them alone and the we would each order another sandwich. There were other sounds that came later in the day but their description is rather gross and not appropriate for mixed company. .

    This would never occur at any other deli. Could be that the soda was served at 33 degrees (F) or the was extra FETZ (fat) on the meat??? I eve asked my doctor and he told me to stop earing there or one day I migh PLOTZ (explode and die)!

    New York Delis! I!inimitatable!.

    I love the song and I love this site- Thank You!


  142. Bruce Says:

    Wow – now I need a tongue sandwich on rye with slaw and a side of health salad!

  143. JewC Says:

    Oy! Such schmaltz have I rarely hoid, and droning on so slowly it could be a doige. And lyrics so simplistic, boy it sounds like it was written by a goy…

  144. Sy Mandel Says:

    I’m almost sure that THE CAPTAIN AND TENILLE recorded “I write the songs” before Manilow!

  145. Miriam Says:

    You do have a kosher deli, a fantastic kosher deli in San Franscisco, owned by an Israeli. I was a visitor there this past March. It is up a flight of stairs and I think in China Town area. it is the best!! Check with the synagogues or Chabad. You will not regret it.

  146. Donald Says:

    Terrific! Where is this deli, I want to go for lunch when I visit New York!

  147. Mike Delugg Says:

    It’s wonderful!! And your pitch is really good!

    I’m the guy who engineered and helped produce the Manilow record. I think Barry would get a laugh outta this.

    And FYI: Barry did not write the song. Bruce Johnston of the Beach Boys wrote it. Barry, Ron Dante and I first heard it on a CAPTAIN & TENILLE album. We all loved it. I suggested he change “I’m Music…” to a more forceful “I am Music…” because in the song, the singer is not singing about himself, but rather he is personifying Music (if Music could sing to you). Kind of a heady concept when you think about it… but that’s Bruce Johnston!

  148. Jill Kneeter Says:

    Delightful; it made me sad. I’m still missing Ashkenaz in Chicago. I’ll check out the San Francisco deli. I’ve seen it but never gone in.

  149. Jim H Says:

    I read a few comments that say “HER” singing…this is a man singing :)

  150. Jerry Lieberman Says:

    I’m disappointed that you’re mixing milchach (dairy) with fleishich (meat). If you’re going to extol a Jewish Deli, extol a kosher one!! I too remember Grabstein’s in Canarsie, the kosher deli on Sutter Avenue in Brooklyn, and Murray’s in Hartford.

    Jerry L.

  151. corkpop Says:

    OK you own the deli. But Your uncle Herbie owns the building.

  152. JERRY GIOIA Says:


  153. Ken Feldman Says:

    Loved this!

  154. Steve Says:

    Nu, where’s the mustard?

  155. Jackala Says:

    Need a deli like this in Bromley Kent

    Greetings from England to my Jewish friends everywhere xxx

  156. Aged Parent Says:

    Oy. I can taste it all now. Sunday mornings my father would go out and bring home sturgeon and Nova from the deli, and onion rolls and bagels from the bakery. On Thursdays he would send me to the bakery for fresh Jewish rye, with the understanding that I would eat only ONE heel on the way home and he would get the other one.

    For all the other stuff we went to my grandmother’s house because her food was perfect.

    I live in Minnesota now, where the bagels are an abomination.

  157. Robert Miller Says:

    This is what I miss by being a native Virgianian! The video really captures the essense of a Jewish Deli. A wonderful tribute to delis, Jewish and non-Jewish, kosher or not. PLEASE expand to Virginia. I’ll make the corned beef sandwiches and the matzo ball soup. Live and be well, and full!

  158. Eileen Says:

    My mouth is watering. I am going to have some deli that was left over from the other day. Note to JerryO: I not only remember the deli on Mermaid & 32nd St in Coney Island, I also remember Rosenberg’s deli on Mermaid between 29th and 30th streets.

  159. Joyce Goodman Says:

    This was great! We have a wonderful, authentic, New York deli in Houston, TX, Kenny & Ziggys. They make their own corned beef, pastrami, and stuffed cabbage like Grandma made. The matzo balls, chicken soup, chopped liver are great.

  160. Ray Jaffe Says:

    After all this I’m going to enjoy my “Stuffed Cabbage” later on for dinner. My all time favorite Deli is the ONE & ONLY “Katzs’ on the lower east side (N.Y.C.) Have A Healthy & Happy 2011 all !

  161. morty herman Says:

    I can remember eating at Zamore’s Deli on Brighton Beach Ave and drinking a bottle of Dr. Brown’s celery tonic. The label said dr. Brown’s was started in 1869.
    I remember thinking (in the 1940′s) that I will remem- ber that moment when it is 1969 (that Dr. Brown’s will be 100. I did and I continue remembering each time I have a Dr. Brown’s (only now it’s diet soda) with the same old label. It’s now 2010 – they are 141 – I am 80. Mazel tov.

  162. Judy Says:

    I’m salivating!

  163. Carl Cutler Says:

    From WWII, buying salami’s from Katz’ and mailing it to my Uncles overseas, to my parents doing the same for me during Nam, brings back memories and tears, remebering the times I had eating at good Jewish deli’s in the Bronx, Queens, Manhatten, including the Carnegie and Henry’s (Kosher) next to Katz’ on the lower East side. A Brisket, Potatoe knishes, though not as good as Yonah Shimmels, and also lets not forget the “Appertising” Deli’s that sold the Fish, cheeses, etc. for Sunday’s breakfast

  164. llinda Says:

    Fantastic – makes me want to come to the States again, and again, and again ………………… we don’t have delis (proper kosher ones) in England

  165. Leslie Goldstein Says:

    What a great song. Makes me proud to be a Jewish Grandma!! We need more Jewish Delis in San Diego County! Happy Holidays everyone!

  166. Sally G Says:

    New City NY & Montvale NJ, now THAT’s a deli. Loved this ditty. If there’s a Kosher deli in GA, will someone please let me know.

  167. Francine Okun Gardberg Says:

    What memories I have of Weiss’s Deli in South Haven, Michigan.’50-62. during the days when all the Jewish Resorts were still thriving . The corned beef was hot and delicious. Wish we could relive those days! Henderson and Las Vegas could use a good Jewish Deli !!!

  168. arlene Says:

    Hymie’s deli in Brownsville…and also, do not forget, George and Sid…in East Flatbush, Brooklyn……..

  169. Reuben Says:

    Azoins und azelach!

    If i vuzn’t knowing besser, i vood tink efsher mein tante vuz talking!

  170. Eddie Says:

    That was great. Not many places to go for a good sandwich. Katzs and 2nd ave.

  171. Granny Elinor Says:

    Living so far away from NYC makes it even more
    poignant hearing this song. I remember every Sunday morning my Dad would go out and buy Brunch
    We have great deli here in Haifa but nothing is like NYC Deli!

  172. mark Says:

    So many people on here including the author love Jewish nostalgia. Jewish nostalgia stems from, and this is easy, being Jewish. The Jewish Deli is not just a manifestation of a Jewish culture that was once upon a time, it is a manifestation of being Jewish even today. When people connect with their Jewishness in every day life, they automatically connect with the Jewish Deli. The Jewish Deli will always endure, be found and cherished where people cherish their Jewishess and of course that takes cherishing Judaism. The proof is just how many wonderfuldelis there are in places like Boro Park, Williamsburgh, Flatbush, Monsey, Lakewood, Miami Beach, Fairfax, Pico Robertson, Boca Raton and anywhere else there is a thriving Orthodox community. The orthodox have not thrown away their Jewishness for Peter Lugers, Ruth Christ, or even McDonalds, they cherish our Jewishness and this automatically instills love for the Jewish Delo and Jewish delicacies. Cholent, Kishka, Kugel, Brisket, Pastami, Tongue etc, the Orthodox cant get enough of it. So to surmise, you want to truly save the Jewish Deli? Start by saving your own Jewishness and you’ll immediately long for truly Jewish food.

  173. Rochy Says:

    Adorable song. And I love Manilow. For the record, however, this is not an acceptably kosher deli, as sturgeon is not considered a kosher fish and most Orthodox Jews do not eat Hebrew National meats. Theoretically, it COULD sell both meat and bagels with cream cheese, as long as the meat department and dairy items are in two totally separate areas of the store and the utensils used remain completely separate, even for washing them.
    It is not commonly done, though, in the kosher world. Still, I loved the song!

  174. Bob F. Says:

    I love Jewish delis, fondly remember the one on the upper West side 168th str and Broadway. German Jewish THE BEST SALAMI ever. On second thought it was a German Jewish butcher shop, the ring wurst was like to die for. Went to school around the corner from Second Ave Deli, ahh those were the days.

  175. Harriet Says:

    Very funny— I loved the colored motza balls

  176. Sheri Cohen Says:

    Absolutely so creative! My grandmother used to pickle her own tongue, make cheese blintzes from scratch, borscht, etc. I clearly remember when only Jews ate bagels and now look! I can taste everything in this video right now.

  177. ROGIE LASKIN Says:


  178. ROGIE LASKIN Says:


    DECEMBER 21,2010

  179. George Lawrence Says:

    What is the matter with you Americans? The whole thing is a simple take off using a popular song. It is hilarious and it seems that you have all lost your sense of humour. Yes, I am jewish but it seems that our non jewish friends have better understood the humour and the farce. Maybe it is 9/11 or other events but you all really have to get a grip. This is fun with a capital F: let’s just accept it for what it is. As for those who started with the “milk and meat” bit you really need to get out more! No wonder jews get a bad wrap when others see such narrow mindedness. We in Australia recognise good humour when we see it.

  180. Suzanne Says:

    Good for you!!! I can just taste the food now. May I wish you nothing but sheer delight, enjoyment and great success!!! With a song like that I see humor and that is also the road to success.

    Thank you for a delightful few minutes!!!

  181. Gloria Says:

    My parents owned the Diamond Deli in Chicago from 1931 until 1946. The store was on Ogden & Kenzie. It was in the Work,am Circle Bldg. The Chicago Jewish Theater was in the bldg. I spent my early years from birth to 13 years of age, peeling potatoes for potato salad, watching my mom & dad, and my uncles & aunts & my sisters & cousins working very hard. My dad cooked corn beef in the basement, and Fox & Diamond’s is in the book about Chicago.

  182. Marsha Says:

    There is no deli where I live, and I wish I had the money to start one! My mouth won’t stop watering, and I had dinner not that long ago–doesn’t matter! Loved this, and I will watch it again and again.

  183. Donald Axelrod Says:

    OY A fargenigen!!! Gevalt Are we related ?? My brother was the poet lauriaet of Suffolk county LI and a professor at Suffolk. My cousin Steven is a Psychiatrist some where in NY

  184. Valerie Sadowsky Says:

    Oye Vey! No deli anywhere in the United States can touch any dish made at BRENTS DELI in the San Fernando Valley in California! Just like Mama made! Es mein kin! Es!

  185. wendy m Says:

    Love the song! Now if we could just get a decent Deli here in Northern California….from San Jose to Sacramento there is not a single “real” deli..a few that claim to be kosher “style” but if there is no smoked fish, no fresh rye for sandwiches, and you can get bacon and ham…then I say it is NOT a deli, at least not like the ones I grew up with in the Boston area.

  186. Richard Crystal Says:

    Valerie, Brent’s is wonderful. Jerry’s and Arts were lousy even back when I lived in the Valley. And forget Canter’s. What they call corned beef I wouldn’t feed to a dog! Now I live back east and have the greatest deli on the Eastern seaboard. Attman’s of Baltimore. Ess gezundteh heit!

  187. DREW HAGAN Says:


  188. Scott Solomon Says:

    OK aaah

  189. SHIMMYG goldsmith:) Says:

    my aunt wrote this song

  190. Marti Says:

    Call me stupid, but I don’t remember fish being considered “meat” and it can be coupled with milk, i/e lox and cream cheese or pickled herring. Am I wrong? I’m on my “weigh” out for some Jewish guilty pleasures……thank you very much!
    Loved this, keep them coming, I’m not nearly fat enough!

  191. LEW Says:


  192. Susan T. Says:

    In my 70 years I have seen all types of really good restaurants come and go. Some quickly, some after years. I cannot blame the restaurants that were excellent, I can only blame the patrons. The restaurant business is a tough business because of spoilage, etc.. Then people who sing their praises, forget to go. If you want the deli’s that exist now to be there for you, you must be there for them as well. A dream doesn’t keep them going.

  193. Jimmy Manheim Says:

    My uncle also owned one, i wished one of his sons had taken it over. We are Deli, We are Jewish. If Deli”s die out, so do we.

  194. Chas. Cohn Says:



  195. Howard Peiper Says:

    What a ‘awesome’ reminder of growing up in Cleveland and eating a corn beef sandwich (of course on rye), dill pickles and a chocolate phosphate (N.Y. calls them egg creams) at
    Corky and Lenny’s. You have brought joy to my heart and tears to my eyes.

    Thank you and maze tov to your book.


  196. Edward Ravine Says:

    I worked in a deli as a kid from age 12 to 22, I am now 62. The video was very heartfelt, funny and sad. People who worked in the deli, Mr. Ricky’s in Skokie, illinois spanned all sections of society. The real “jewish” cooks were african american men with names like James brown and Horace, the woemen who served the foods were divorced single moms, and hispanic women, the bus boys were from Mexico and Puerto Rico, my mom who took cash was a Russian immigrant, the dlei men were in part holocaust survivers. The experience was not one of food, but of broadening my horizons and my tollerance before I departed for college at Northwestern University. I never looked down on a server at a restaurant the rest of my life, or the cooks or busboys. And the customers as a kid came in all flavors too, hungry, irritable, entitled, sweet, and all crazy about good lean cornbeef and a good piece of homemade cheese cake. Tha garlic smells in with the sweet smells, the chiken soup and the Romanian Skirt steaks. It was all beautiful, the people were wonderful, and the humor was better than anything I have experienced since.
    Video brought that all back, thank you, ED RAVINE

  197. Doris Says:

    Dripping with love and fat. The melody only makes it more schalmzie. The smells are coming right thru my computer.

    Good eating; good reading; good for you!!!

    Thank you,


  198. Bev Mermelstein Says:

    I’m originally from Indianapolis, IN., now Pittsburgh. SHAPIRO’S is fabulous and very well known. There are 2 cafeteria style delis in Indianapolis – one the original on the south side and a relatively new one north. It is owned and operated by Brian Shapiro, the great nephew of Max Shapiro. My mother, Ann Selig Shapiro was married to Max. It was a merger of talents. Wish we could move either one of them to Pittsburgh. We have nothing like it anymore. They are featured in the book, Great Delis in the US

  199. Cleo Says:

    I’m a Jew by choice. Maybe because it’s December, I don’t know, but this performance brought tears to my eyes. Explain that.
    I loved it.

  200. stu Says:

    My Uncle Owned Frankel’s Knish in Far Rockaway. I can still remember the variety and the wonderful taste of his Knish. We often stopped there on the way to my Grandparents Deli in Long Beach(Levines) to visit with my Aunt and Uncle and to have a snack.

  201. Eileen Goldstein Popkin Says:

    I wasn’t crazy about the song, but I got the biggest kick out of the comments. As a child we would drive into Brooklyn from Long Island to visit relatives & eat the best Kosher Deli in the world. I can just smell the aromas now. California hasn’t gotten there yet. You can take a New Yorker out of New York, but not the deli.

  202. Bruce Says:

    Thank you for sharing this with us. As a Jew living in the Midwood section of Brooklyn I am very fortunate to be able to smell the foods of our culture. The photos made me so hungry I am craving a Brisket on Rye and some Cole Slaw and a good Kosher sour pickle. Thank you for keeping our culture alive.

  203. Stephanie Says:

    Marti: Fish is parve – neutral – and can be served with dairy or meat, so fish with cream cheese is kosher.

    Loved the sweet song. My two favorite deli restaurants in the world are now gone. Ratner’s in NYC and Wolfies in Miami Beach are but memories. The delis in my city are not kosher – they are Jewish style – but good. The kosher deli here is gone, too. As far a brine pickles are concerned, I have to make my own. They’re also good.

  204. Reba Schaffhauser Says:

    I owned a DELI too. In New Jersey. I made the pickles. the cole slaw and the potato salad, and Jewish style hoagies, and I am a JEW.

  205. Roy D Says:

    Memories …. Oh’ for the good old days! Today we get warned about calories and our arteries.
    When we finally get corned beef on rye … the pastrami, the schmaltz, etc. We have to remember to get on the tread mill afterwards for 10 hrs. Regardless, Jewish food became gold! If your lucky to get it .. it’s all worth it!

  206. lillian meyers Says:

    no one I read mentioned the Bronx where I was born and grew up. My uncle owned three Delis (not all at once) and the family went there once a week and were served everything
    mentnioned here–Anyone know of Bucknoff’s in the Bronx or Spring Valley. As far as bagels go, Bagels And in Boynton Beachm Fl makes the best around. And Ben’s–not even close

  207. Reba Schaffhauser Says:

    I made the potato salad,coleslaw, pickles, and Jewish style hoagies. And I am a Jew too.

  208. San Wichner Says:

    Born in N.Y. City on Second Ave. and 4th street with the 5th Street deli on the corner. Gained a lot of weight. I live in CA now but I just made reservations to go back to Ny City in January. I can’t wait.

  209. San Wichner Says:

    Born on the east side on 2nd Ave. @ 5th street. I will always remember the 5th street deli and Rappaports on second ave.and 7th.

  210. geronymous nosh Says:

    nice…………………,i owned one…wish my kids had the crazyness

  211. bernie fisher Says:

    I need a deli in Monterey Park, CA

  212. Sherwin Kizner Says:

    Zayer Gut. Gushmach. I’ve stopped eating all animals in 1973, but I too miss the deli’s in New York that were in so many neighborhoods. “Deli” has come to mean bodega – without the derma and pea soup. The deli that I ate in as a kid in Flushing on Union Street, where a hot dog and soda – preferably not celray! – were 25 cents, has become a Korean restaurant for many years now. And, although the bagel shop a few stores up is Korean too, I am happy that the Jewish recipe lives on.

  213. amy Says:

    Brought a huge smile to my face and once again reminded me how lucky I am to be a “Jew”!!!

  214. Michael & Bonnie of Coloado Says:

    Proud to be a Jew…More people should speak out! It seems that the Deli is a stable in communities and a representation of Jewish style food. It would be wonderful to get a deli in Boulder…a true deli, not just some sandwich shop calling itself a deli. Speak out people, our ancestors want to her you.

  215. Bonnie Says:

    Born on the east coast, lots of delis. Now in AZ., NO deli’s. The closest thing we have is Chompies(not kosher) but deli style.Good food ,and they DO make great corned beef sandwiches !! The song made me homesick for the east.


    We had a deli on 116 Street in Belle Harbor. What was the name.

  217. Art Aratin Says:

    In Los Angeles, we have a deli chain called Jerry’s. I once ordered Halvah, and they brought me egg bread. I haven’t been there since. Canter’s knows what Halvah is. THEY are a deli.

  218. Ruth Graitzer ostrow Says:

    My mouth was salivating too!Growing up in Brownsville Brooklyn I remember our neighborhood deli – Bartnofsky’s on St . Johns Place at Rochester Ave. Only 10 cents for the best hot dog.Now living in Northern N>J> we have Eppes Esssen in Livingston- a pretty good Jewish Deli with all the old fashioned stuff, corned beef, pastrami, latkes, sour pickles and all the DR Brown’s flavors. Only problem it is mostly patronized by seniors like myself and our kids and grandchildren who go here when visitng from out-of-town. FORGET CALORIES AND CHOLESTROL! ESS GEZUNTERHEIT

  219. YUSSEL Says:


  220. Meryl Says:

    There’s NOTHING like a New York deli !

  221. Roberta Ventura Says:

    Down here on the Gold Coast in Australia, we haven’t got a single deli to compare with any of those mentioned above. I can’t stand looking at the brisket, latkes, etc. I may go mad! How about opening up a branch down under?? Great song.

  222. Rachel Says:

    Looks like the Broadway Deli in Santa Monica. Now I’m hungry.

  223. steve Says:

    OMG…Here I am in San Francisco by way of Brooklyn…..The only decent Deli was bought by a Chinese guy who has since gone out of business. I think of the Delis in my Brooklyn neighborhood (Bensonhurst) and Im salivating…..Great song!!!

  224. steve Says:

    Marti………cant be a Kosher Deli if they have Cream Cheese. Its got nothing to do with the Lox

  225. Lynne Sultan Says:

    Wow, yes, early on in the video the girl is wearing a red Mill Basin Deli t-shirt and she is standing next to one of the owners named Mark. I grew up across the street from that deli, which had a reputation for many years as being one of the finest Jewish delis around. How many countless days my family members, myself included, ate in and took food out to eat and enjoy at home…fondest memories of Dr Browns Black Cherry and Cream soda, pastrami sandwiches on rye with Russian dressing and cole slaw, the finest greasiest yet crispiest french fries drenched in ketchup, the best sour and half sour pickles around, I could go on and on. And one more memory…I am frequently reminded by my mom that both of the Mill Basin Deli owners, Donnie and Mark, would refer to me as, “The last lady in Brooklyn”, when I was growing up in that neck of the woods:)) Oh, wow, I wonder if the Mill Basin Deli is still around and if so, if the food is quite as good as it was back in the day! :) )

  226. Billy J. Says:

    I can relate to delis. Born and raised in Chicago and worked at Lenny’s Deli in Wilmette, Illinois. Loved working there, miss the smells and we NEED a good Jewish deli here in Hawaii. Thanks for the video and the Jewish delis will never fade away as long as there is a Jewish and non-Jewish population. PS: my girlfriend (non-Jewish) loves the food too. Shalom and Aloha!

  227. estelle joseph Says:

    This is great… made me hungry…good singing ability… i’m sure the pope would love a Reuben…Keep up the good work.

  228. Rose Goldie Says:

    I’m so glad I’m still in Brooklyn, where we have great delis. The best is the Mill Basin Deli, with beautiful, original art covering the walls (never had that when I was a kid) …. the one I remember best on New Lots Avenue…had a huge wal-sized mural of King Solomon making the decision on the rightful mother of a baby…holding the baby in one hand and a huge knife in the other)

    Ah, but Mill Basin Deli…their food is out of this world and the ambience makes everything go down so much better!!! There are other delis as well, but none can compare to the Mill Basin Deli.


    The singer had a beautiful voice and I loved her accent. It reminded me of my grandmother. We used to visit my grandparents every Sunday and my uncle would take me to Ziemar’s Deli on Ave. U. Those were my best deli memories. I live in boca Raton and there is nothing here quite so good as Zeimar’s. Keep the videos coming. I could almost smell the food. Thanks.

  230. velvel Says:

    I’m hungry. Let’s eat. Btw, I thought stuergeon was traif no?

  231. Beth Says:

    Where is this deli on the West Side? I want to patronize it!!

  232. Les Says:


  233. ilene Says:

    Great tribute to days gone by. I live in Temecula CA and the one deli we had went out of business. We have a new one now but does not compare to what was. Makes me remember my life in Chicago and going to the deli on a Saturday night.

  234. Myra Says:

    Zeimar Deli was on Brighton Beach Ave,,just a few blocks from Mrs.Stahl’s knish store. there was a great appetizing store on that corner too but I can’t remember the name of it.,[thats how we separated the meat and the dairy]
    Here in south Fla. we have Bens [i don't think its quite as good as the one in b'klyn] and Poppies and 3 G’s are pretty good too!

  235. Susan Says:

    Grew up in Canarsie. Grabstein’s was not on Ralph Avenue but on Rockaway Parkway. Went to high school with the owner’s daughter. Joe’s South Shore Deli was on Ralph Avenue. We went there every Sunday when I was a teenager.

  236. jerry goldblatt Says:

    I grew up working for most of the kosher deli’s in University City, Mo. What a geart tribute!!!!!!! THANK YOU

  237. Evelyn Says:

    What a wonderful song on Christmas eve. I grew up in New York and have lived all over the world. There is NOPLACE like New York Deli anywhere else…and certainly not here in South Carolina. Wouldnt one of you wonderfu Deli owners in NY like to move down here…and make all of us transplants happy?

  238. Sharon Says:

    What a great song! It made my mouth water for the delis in NY and Philly. A great way to spend Christmas Eve. Here in Las Vegas we go to Canter’s in Treasure Island for the best matzoh ball soup and pastrami sandwiches. Still miss the square knishes but have not found any deli that brings them this far west.

  239. Ira Schrager Says:

    The person who mentioned Miami Beach Hasn’t been there Lately. Wolfies, Pumperniks, and Rascal House are all gone. If you know a good deli on Miami Beach tell me.

  240. Barbara Epstein Says:

    I also miss the Rascal House and Pumperniks I live in Hallandale Beach, Fl. However a lot of people enjoy the Bagel Cove and Moe’s in Aventura Fl. But as for me I get misty when I remember the real special treats from Philly and Ben & Irv’s and Kappy’s Deli in Huntington Valley.. Also the Short Hills Deli New Jersey. The Sage Deli in Hallandale has the very best bagels and bialys but as far as the Corned
    Beef and Pastrami fuhgettaboudit! Zug gurnish helfen!





  243. david plotnick Says:

    the best deli i remember was Katz’s deli on delancy street in nyc. I am a Jew in every respect. although Katz’s was not a kosher deli, it was kosher style with the biggest and meatiest sandwiches anywhere and pickles out of the barrel. i live in new jersey now and the only resemblance to a kosher style deli is Harold’s in Woodbridge. one sanwich feeds three poeople. one knish is the size of a pizza and feeds four people. ESS MEIN KINT, ESS.

  244. shirley chaiet Says:

    great website and great remarks

  245. Marsha Pitter Says:





  246. ron winner Says:

    it would be the act of heresy to not consider my brooklyn deli experiences in the 50′s as a ritual to be revered and savored………..amen

  247. rita Says:


  248. david plotnick Says:

    nothing like Katz’s deli on delancy street in nyc. also, i live in n.j. now and there is Harold’s in Woodbridge, nj. one sandwich feeds four people. one knish feeds four people. i used to work at mrs. stahls knishes in brighton beach. they were the best for a quarter at that time. miss the pikles you bought for a nickel and taken right out of the barrel. ESS MEIN KINT, ESS.

  249. Janice Pollack Says:

    Brought back memories and made my mouth water.. Moved to a small Southern town and alas, no Jewish delis. And bagels are not boiled and baked. Things change in time but I pray the Jewish Deli will survive.

  250. HELEN KNOTT Says:



  251. Bernard Schacter Says:

    If you ever drive to Isle Perrot Quebec, Canada,
    You must stop at ” Pete’s Meat ” !!!

    300 yards from the Isle Perrot Bridge heading south on highway 20.
    Hard to beat.

    Pete was trained at Montreal Schwartz’s Deli
    on Saint Lawence Blvd. and that is the best
    school of Smoked Meats in Canada….IMHO

    Bon appetite !

  252. Mike Margolis Says:

    I liked it. That’s all that needs to be said.

  253. Kathy Says:

    In 1974 I moved from Hollywood to Klamath Falls, Oregon. I went to Safeway and asked if they had any lox. They sent me to the hardware section. I knew then that I was in trouble.

    Growing up we used to get “seed rye” at Cantor’s. It was so good, you didn’t even need butter to make it melt in your mouth! The pickles, the herring, the rum balls and bakery goods were worth every calorie. We used to ask for “lox sliced thin”. I don’t even think we took numbers. The deli guy would just shout out “Next!” and elbowing through to the counter was like a dance. Talking loud and gesturing at the salami was a given. Wrapping pickles was an art form. It was all part of the jargon.

    Luckily Cantor’s is still there and open 24 hrs a day, but the counter people are gone, and most of the Yiddish accents are gone, and the feeling of being in a “real” deli isn’t quite the same. When you ask for “water bagels” you get stares that remind you that you are a dinosaur. Still, it’s better than no deli at all . . .

  254. Eileen Says:

    Reading about all who miss good deli’s, try finding all those yummy foods in small town U.S.A. We have to go 70 to 80 miles to get any of those treats. This song so reminde us of what we once had. It’s enough to make a grown up cry!

  255. ginny Says:

    A song only a New Yorker could appreciate. Nowhere else in the world can you get pastrami like that. I’m making myself ill now, cause I’ve moved away from NY and now pastrami tastes like cardboard. Lady…can you do fedex?

  256. Al Widzer Says:

    Boy! I wish Israel had a Del, like Canter’s, Brent’s, Nat & Al, or Jr’s, or some thing close a good Del. and you can’t find a good Bagel or a Bialys here.
    I sure miss a good Corned Beef on Rye.

  257. Diana UK Says:

    We do not know what a Deli is in the UK. The first place I make for in the States is a Deli,Florida Vages New York done them all.We have one or two that come close. In England its a take it or leave,in the States your made to feel that your doing them a faver being there.

  258. ruby plushner Says:


  259. Paul Says:

    There are a lot of memorys in what everyone is saying, Because I worked in many of the Deli’s that were mentioned, such as Grabstein’s, George & Sid’s, Zie Mar, And many more. At one time the Deli’s had there own union Local 60 which only took care of Deli workers. That is long gone ,but I hope Deli’s will be here for ever. Love Pastrami

  260. marlene Says:

    this is one of the most creative and hilarious fun videos ever. not only is the tribute to the deli
    (and mine was the mill basin deli in brooklyn) but to
    the creator who had the mind to do this and to the singer who did a perfect job. if i had to grade this
    video i would give it 5 stars, an A++++++, AND
    the oscar for best short subject !!!!! thank you for
    “the heart and soul” within this video !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    JUST WONDERFUL !!!!!!!!

  261. phyllis Feldman Says:

    I am a bubbie, although I spell it Boby. Trader Joe’s has latkes…after all the cinnamon and sugar, sour cream and applesauce, you might as well buy them. How about a brisket that literally melts, or a sweet kugel that your grandchildren insist that you bring to their holiday parties at school. Can’t buy those. For that you need Boby! For me a Deli is Hald sour pickles and tomatoes on the table and kishka with gravy. Morning brings the best smoked fish! P.F.

  262. Laura Says:

    Baruch Hashem !

  263. abby Says:

    i loved it. so cute.

  264. TERRY LEAVITT Says:

    My father owned Orchard Fancy Foods in Skokie, Illinois. They worked 7 days a week 12

  265. Terry Leavitt Says:

    My father Leo Leavitt owned an ran Orchard Fancy Foods with my mother Mary. The store was located in Skokie, Ill. The family all worked the store one time or another. My folks worked 7 days a week

  266. Jackie Cooper Says:

    In Denver we have the New York Deli News and the pasrtrami is as good as Katz’s.

  267. Carolyn Halley Says:

    It was wonderful. Loved it. One question…where is this DELI?

  268. paul parsowith Says:

    what can you a say…a tear to the eye … is a beautiful thing

  269. Ed Green Says:

    A riot. What’s even funnier is that sturgeon is not kosher. Great dead-pan expressed by singer. Should get a Grammy for ths.

  270. Ms. Poly Theist Says:

    @arthur baum: Parody has fallen under the fair use provision of copyright law for a long, long time. It’s been tested many times, not just one time “a few years ago.” The copyright owner (which may or may not be the composer/lyricist of the song; more likely a publishing company owns the copyright) is indeed entitled to royalties, but I doubt he/she/they would be able to collect any on this since it doesn’t appear to be for sale anywhere, and I don’t think the creator of this parody is collecting any income from it. The copyright owner can still sue, though, but not for infringement of their copyright. They can only sue for royalties. Thus endeth the lesson. :-)

  271. Rosalea Hostetler Says:

    I loved it! I lived in NYC back in the mid 1960s, and still miss the delis. We have a kosher processing plant in this rura town but they won’t let me near the place. Anyone want to open a deli in south central Kansas in a small town that was settled by Jewish pioneers in the 1870s-90s? It was very rare for Kansas. Most came from Ohio and established retail businesses. I want to honor and respect their memory but the locals simply don’t get it. We need a deli now!!! And then maybe the locals will begin to “get it”?!!

  272. Peter Frinton Says:

    Alas- we are losing too many deli’s. Worst was the closing of Ratner’s on Delancey….

  273. Mrs. Schwartz Says:

    How about Bucknoff & Schwartz on 170th Street (between Morris Avenue and The Grand Concourse). The place to go for kosher franks and a knish before (or after) a Yankee game. The kids from Taft H.S., up the block, would come in for a frank and fries and a cream soda.

    Mr. B moved to Rockland County where you could see him on Sundays at the Cresthill Deli (also known as the Hebrew National).

    The Bronx was Kosher Deli ground zero!!

  274. Philip Okun Says:

    I can appreciate all the responses and the woman who sang the song. I remember back 70 years ago when I used to go to Hebrew Kosher in Roselle, N.J. When i was older I also was very involved with them when they made corned beef and hot dogs. I sold them fuel oil so their boilers could make the steam they needed. There was nothing like eating a hot dog when it came out of the fireplace and before it was washed. I wish I had the opportunity to be able to do it again.

  275. mark simon Says:

    good info. I have a question. I moved from miami beach to kelowna bc canada. there are no jewish delis here. Can anyone tell me where the authentic corned beef and chopped liver is made>

    Thank you

    Mark Simon
    250 979 0510 western canada

  276. Charlotte Nicolosi Says:

    This is why I miss New York! We moved south and
    half the time I’m sorry.

  277. Joan Burmeister Says:

    I am a Brooklyn girl now living in Springfield, Illinois….anyone remember Goldbergs deli on church avenue right across from the train station? and those dynamic triple decker sandwiches he used to make! YUM!

  278. Judy Pullman Says:

    What?? Why go to Jerry’s or Art’s in the San Fernando Valley in L.A ? Brent’s is the only one worth it’s Kosher Salt! It has that fantastic twice baked rye bread…crunchy crust…soft inside. Top it with Whitefish Salad !
    Gonna take my not Jewish future mother-in-law there for the first time this week…she’ll love it. Sweet and sour cabbage soup and a Corned Beef Reuben with Russian Dressing here I come!!
    Born in Boston we had a great deli ..the G &G on Blue Hill Ave…can still remember getting a sliver of Halvah from the guy behind the counter every time. It’s not just the food…it’s the ambience…loud and hectic…and JEWISH!!

  279. Sol Taylor Says:

    No one mentioned the deli where I worked worked at on weekends (1947-1949) while in S.J. Tilden HS–Flaxman and Shore’s on the corner of Livonia and Pennsylvania in East NY. I was able to slice my own lean pastrami right out of the cooker and layer it on warm Levi’s rye bread with a dab of mustard and a Porters’ half sour pickle and washed down with a cold Dr. Brown’s cream soda. That was a true mychal. The corned beef was also my choice of succulent interior slices. As only a weekend treat, the fat, calories, and salt never got the better of me (I am almost 80).
    Morris Porter of Porter’s pickles had the best variety of pickled cukes, green tomatoes and red peppers–probably served at most Bklyn delis in the 1940s-1960s,. He lived across the street from me at 577 Bristol Street in Brownsvile and often left a jug of the best sauerkraut on the porch for us neighborhood kids to savor. My mouth is watering. Though I guess a pastrami sandwich with a Porter’s pickle now might put me in the ICU, I can dream on can’t I?
    My neighborhood deli was a smallish corner shop at Hegeman Avenue and Amboy Street in Brownsville. run by “Joe”. A WWII vet was a one man show. He served the same great quality items at F&S.

    I moved the southern California in 1960 and except for a rare visit to Canter’s, the real deli is back in Bklyn.

  280. Bryan Gillbee Says:

    . . . makes me think of that wonderful old song by Louis Armstrong:
    . . . ‘Give me a knish to build a dream on . . . ‘

  281. Ben Weiss Says:

    I must have listened to this song at least 50 times just yesterday. I can’t get enough of this song. This is the funniest thing in the world. They sould put this song on Itunes. I would tell everyone about it.

  282. walter coronel Says:

    i came from holland in 1947 (surviver) to l.a. my first corned beef sandwich ,on a kaiser roll,( advise of my cousin,) at cohen’s on fairfax, was unbelievable. cohen is gone, but canters and factor are still great.
    of course there is always nate and al’s.

  283. marvin slutzky Says:

    that was really wonderful and very very true
    best food in the world. think i will go
    fix me a salami on bagel (hebrew national)

  284. Cathie Says:

    Thought this was great, makes me want deli.Did a great job with the music. Very nice

  285. thomas guariano Says:

    How can anyone make negative comments about this very well done and funny recording I am an Italian born and razed in the Midwood section of Bklyn most all my good friends were Jewish and I miss that great time back in the 50s and 60s ate loved eating at Glatts Deli on Ave J the best pastrami sandwiches in My Bklyn I live on Staten Island now but my heart will always be in Flatbush Thank you for this fantastic fun video i saved it on my Comp

  286. Crotzie Joe Says:

    Cream soda yes.
    Cream cheese no.

  287. MOSHE Says:

    Moshe says:

    When in Cleveland vand in Beachwood go to Jack’s in University Heights. UNBELIEVABLE CORNED BEEF ! Balance of menu outstanding!

  288. nina from Montana Says:

    I live in Montana, but was raised in New York, in the Bronnx and Brooklyn. Where are you, Alice Sands and Isabel Pfeffer?? Now in Montana, don’t ask, we are lucky have grandchild in Salt Lake City and a son in Boston so we can go get a real bagel now and then!!! Loved the video!!!

  289. Jew from L.A. Says:

    HYSTERICAL! Thanks for this — I laughed all the way through!!!

  290. Nancy Fox Says:

    Just reading all these posts make me remember deli’s from way back. We had Wolf’s on Edgemere Ave and Bch 34th St in Rockaway,N.Y (open summer only) There was another om Edgemere Ave and Bch 56th St across the street from JHS198, we would sneak out for lunch and the famous Kosher Deli, Central Deli on Central Ave in Far Rockaway. We still have Lido in Long Beach it is great and Woodrows in Hewlett. BTW Michael Wilenchik the name was Westrich on Bch 116St.
    Also did enjoy the video. It was a Russian Lady singing and she was OK.Born and raised and still living in Far Rockaway.

  291. Mark (the shlepper) Says:

    Very much soul warming lyrics and nice slide show.

  292. Itsik Says:

    There are great deli’s in Toronto! My favourite is Katz’s on Dufferin Street near Yorkdale. A few others are Centre Deli, Yitz’s and Pancers. The best (from 60+ years ago) are gone: Shopsy’s, Becker’s, Kalb’s, Shapiro’s.
    Katz’s in NY is on Houston St, not Delancey.

  293. Barbara Says:

    This made my mouth water!!!!
    Thank you… great job

  294. Alice Stahl Says:

    The video was terrific, but the remarks are even better. I think I may know many of you. Growing up in B’klyn, (brownsville) in the 50′s I thought the whole world was jewish. Now, I know it is. We had Ziggy’s on Blake & Amboy. Living in Las Vegas is great, but trying to find a good bagel or good deli is impossible! Enjoy it while you can. Most of the deli food was born out of eastern europe…poverty food…poor cuts of meat cooked slowly with lots of spices to make it tasty. Knishes were leftovers in pastry. Loved it all.

  295. Jeff G Says:

    Ben’s Best on Queens Blvd in Queens and Liebman’s Kosher Deli on W 235th in Riverdale are my 2 favorites. Matzo Ball soup and stuffed cabbage are on the menu for this week.

  296. Michael Meyer Says:

    This made me smile and reminded me of the good Delis that are all gone. Some that have popped up over the years are okay but just not the same.
    In Chicago (1966) I remember when we had Friedmans Deli(off Western Ave) with THICK SANDWICHES of shaved thin corned beef,pastrami or brisket on soft rye(seeds) with mustard, pickle and a side of kinish. I live in Florida now since 1969 and Wolfies,and Pumpernicks were good. However I remember going to dinner or even after the movies to Corky’s in North Miami Beach with family or just friends.They had great sandwiches with pickels from the barrel.This place was always busy with customers and always worth the wait. I have been to Sage,Moe’s, the Cove and a couple more here and there. Nothing stays the same. They gradually lose that touch. Most deli’s today out here are just deli sandwich shops with out that flavor that I remembered . Some use that cheap imitation square rye bread-

  297. Marisal Says:

    Corky’s from Cleveland is my favorite childhood restaurant. Today I don’t think that I could eat the food without feeling like I was shaving years off my life with all the fat and salt. . . but oh the memories!

  298. ss Says:

    Funny parody, but no dairy and meat together….tsk, tsk, tsk

  299. Sy Bendremer Says:

    Ah gesund auf dein kofpf

  300. Steveko Says:

    Living just 2 small blocks from the 2nd Avenue Kosher Deli, now on 33rd Street, one of the last good Kosher delis in NYC, I know how lucky I am. Why just the other night we had Kosher Pastrami and while I was waiting for the counter man to prepare my order he gave me a schickel of corned beef and a schmeer of chopped live on rye bread. All you guys remember from years ago, but this place is here now and is the greatest.

  301. Burt and Harriet Gavzer Says:

    Such beautiful nostalgia. Reminded me of my mother talking in the kitchen while she was stuffing kishke and making gelfilte fish. Growing up in Chicago in the 40′s and 50′s represented a vibrant Jewish lifestyle in eating and understanding Yiddish when the parents did not want the children to understand what was being said. I remember Deli’s such as Purity on Lawrence and Kimball, Rudich’s on Lawrence and Central Park, Manny’s off Roosevelt Road, Ada’s on Kedzie, Ashkenaz on Morris Ave. Anyway there were numerous famous deli’s all over Chicago. We live now in Woodland Hills, California and there is no shortage of great Jewish food here including the best deli in the world called Brent’s in Northridge. There is also Nate and Al’s, Jerry’s, Juniors, Solleys, Weilers etc. Such fond memories of good times past and present.

  302. Diane Rosenblatt Says:

    Somebody sent me this and I was sure glad they did. I enjoyed it so much. Naturally, I sent it to all of my e-mail pals. THANKS FOR CREATING THIS.
    Scraps????? I’m glad somebody saw it and decided
    this shouldn’t be for scraps.
    Now, that this made me hungry, I think I’ll get some
    food to eat.

  303. Ellis Simon Says:

    Ben’s started with a single store in Baldwin Harbor and expanded to close to a dozen stores on Long Island, in Manhattan and Boca Raton. Sadly, they closed the original store in Baldwin two years ago. Probably because most of their clientele – Jews living in Baldwin and Oceanside – moved to Boca Raton and other retirement communities in Palm Beach County.

    In its final years, the Baldwin store lost some of its edge, but now that it is gone I miss it terrible. Carle Place is too far to go for a corned beef sandwich and I’m not too crazy about Woodro or the Lido Deli.

  304. Nan Nielsen Says:

    A real “smile-maker” for all of us who love originality and clever lyrics. Tom Leherer — eat your heart out!

    And now to the refrigerator!

  305. davida &irv shipkowitz Says:

    Thank heavens some people wrote about Brents in NORTHRIDGE, California. It is the best of the all! Happy New Year to all, and to all a good knish.

  306. Paul Tootleman Says:

    As a child I remember the trips into NYCto visit the grandparents and the stops at Katzs’ deli and Yona Shimmels knish place(excuse the spelling) to bring lunch for all. it was a ritual.

  307. Lowell Says:

    Brings back the good old days in Chicago on
    Morse Ave. and Devon Ave.

  308. Joan Stupler Says:

    Growing up in Crown Heights, there were 4 great Jewish delis within a block or 2 from where I lived.The Kopchicks had the best pickles for a nickel, which were sold on the street on Schenectady Ave.Smoked fish came from the appetizing stores. We got bagels from the grocery store on Sunday mornings; great, fresh, plain only.Living in lower Westchester, NY, I cannot get the good stuff here. I must go to NYC, upper Westchester, or across the Hudson for the real thing.

  309. michael Dimitroff Says:

    Your’e killing me ! I live in Knoxville Tennessee where a good Yiddishe Deli does not exist. I’ll have to go to NY or FL after that inspiring presentation. Ah, the good old days visiting the south side deli located on 79th street in Chicago. And the pickles! Oy!





  311. Jean Graber Werner Says:

    Jean Graber Werner
    December 31, 2010
    I remember all the Deli’s in Brooklyn, but the best deli counter was on Ralph Ave, known as Fred and Murry’s Deli. They eventually moved to New Jersey under the name “Fred and Murry’s of Brooklyn. Fred and Murry’s had the best deli in the area of East Flatbush and Canarsie. Living in South Florida, it is difficult to purchase great Jewish deli. The places here do not compare to the deli’s in Brooklyn.

  312. Richard Levine Says:

    I remember when Tabachnik’s was a chain of delis in NJ. My grandmother took me to the one in South Orange all the time. Mom took me to the one in West Orange. Now you can get their soup frozen at the supermarket all over the country. But it is not the same as going to the deli itself.

  313. Elaine Falk Says:

    Thanks for the memories. I am from the Ratner family of New York—Ratner’s Dairy Deli. Sadly, they are no more. My entire family worked there, ate there, grew up there.

    Happy New Year, Everyone !

  314. Barry E. Says:

    I LOVE this site. I’m in the pickle business(manufacture and distribute) for the last 35 years. The Jewish deli’s are dissapearing. There used to be a deli on every corner, now maybe a handful are left. PLEASE SAVE THE DELI . If we don’t save the deli….how can I get a new caddilac?

  315. Ritchie Margaret Laymon Says:

    My childhood in Flatbush was spent downing Hebrew National hot dogs, corned beef, pastrami, etc. But when my dad read an article about the horrors at kosher slaughterhouses, we all went back to The Garden of Eden. The answer for Jews who worship meat is what some scientists are now calling “future food.” NASA bioengineers have taken fish stem cells, grown them in a culture and created fish fillets for astronauts dining in outer space. Dutch scientists are doing the same with livestock stem cells. Ending livestock factories will be a plus for the world’s environment. And growing hamburgers, etc for consumption will be like growing a liver for a cirrhosis sufferer, using the patient’s own stem cells, so he doesn’t have to wait for a transplant from a car-crash victim and then learn that his body has rejected the organ. It’ll be a healthy and humane future.

  316. Laura M Says:

    To JerryO – I am originally from Coney Island and gre up on 33rd St & Neptune Ave. My mom, aunt & uncle all in south Florida now inform me that the deli on Mermaid Ave and 32nd st was “ROSENBERGS”. Thank God we still have a few good Jewish delis left.

  317. Leslie from Newmarket, On, Canada Says:

    Just brilliant. Reminds me of the Delis I used to patron as a child and makes me miss my Bubbies and parents even more

  318. Oscar Levy Says:

    I would like ask DJ Yid if he would not mind to give out gefilta fish, rye bread colslaw & pickled herring as presents for the kids at my son’s Bar Mitzvah.

  319. JJ's Deli Scottsdale Says:

    Even Scottsale is carrying thr tradition. Come try our specialties. Best Knish in the Southwest….

  320. roger Says:

    Even Scottsdale cariies the tradition, come try the best Knish in the Southwest at JJ’s in North Scottsdale.

  321. Miss d Says:

    You can take the girl out of Brooklyn, but you can’t take the Brooklyn out of the girl……
    Bring it on: to Dallas–we need some good Jewish eats, here!

  322. cm Says:

    Ah, nostalgia. I used to get garlic salami from the old Mill Basin Deli, before it went upscale.

    A friend of mine worked in Williamsburg in the 70s, and when she went to the deli asked for pastrami on white with butter & mayonnaise. They kindly explained that you get it on rye, with or without seeds, and mustard. Then she asked for coffee with milk. She got black coffee, tea or soda.

    A number of years ago I was in San Francisco and was told about 2 wonderful Jewish delis, just across the street from eachother. Delis? Hah! The most outlandish stuff! Not only smoked fish (which you get in an appetizing store, along with cream cheese with chives) but dairly and meat in the same sandwich.

    The song was lovely, but her uncle is rolling around in his grave.

  323. Herb Says:

    Reminds me of the best ever deli dating back to my childhood , Joe Pierce, on Division street and Washtenaw Street in Chicago. Corned beef on rye with a chocolate phosphate was the best ever !!!

  324. Karen Says:

    I grew up in LA with lots of kosher Deli’s. Small Mom and Pop shops with pickles in the barrell – no vinegar! It was great . Live in midwest – no real deli’s here! Thanks for the tribute.

  325. MYRON H. MILDER Says:


  326. Elissa Boyet Says:

    Can’t find a good deli here in Charlotte No matter where you live there is nothing like the delis and food of NY – that being Westchester, Long Island, NYC and the boroughs. Upstate just doesn’t cut it

  327. Al Hellreich Says:

    Bens Kosher Deli from Long Island has brought their deli to Boca Raton, Florida.
    You can find me there every Wednesday, having a shesel of matsa ball soup, a hot corn beef sandwitch
    on one inch thick rye bread, a shticle stuff derma made with real shmaltz, half sour pickel,and to wash it all down a can of Dr. Browns celray soda.
    You want nostalgia, you can get it right here in Boca.

  328. Larry Says:

    There is a book…”Save the Deli” which is perfect with this tune.
    Anybody who has ever eaten “deli” should read this book…it will remind you of the great food enjoyed by both Jews and non-Jews! Just don’t ever order a corned beef sandwich on white bread with mayo- the counter man will kill chase you out!!

  329. Mel Says:

    Bethesda, MD. could use a NY Deli……



  331. Kay Lorraine Says:

    Wow! I remember the good old days on Devon Avenue in Chicago, too.

    Unfortunately, now I live in Hawaii. You think you got it bad? If we’re lucky we get to ship in frozen kosher meat from New Jersey! (There’s a stand-up joke in there somewhere.)

    Since Costco stopped serving the kosher hot dogs and started with the “kosher-style” hot dogs (which just means meat guts with extra garlic), I can’t even get a hot dog any more.

    Now I’m learning to make a parve lau-lau.

  332. Rocco from NJ Says:

    Yeah….that’s right……Rocco….from NJ. I have two of my favorite restaurants right nearby. One is Italian …the other is Jewish Deli. Your song is wonderful and the picture of your tongue and corned beef sandwich drove me crazy. My Irish Catholic wife and I are going to our “Essen” tonight. She LOVES the motzah ball soup and I need my pastrami fix. Bravo!!!!

  333. Roland Oliva,Miami,Fl Says:

    From Miami Florida:
    Great video and song.
    Keep the kosher deli alive.
    May G-D bless all jewish deli. :-D

  334. Gary Stein Says:

    Great! Where can we get the lyrics?

  335. ssheee Says:

    This is terrible and so anti-semitic! It should never have been written! Showing chopped liver that is not even chopped liver but horseradish! Showing orthodox jews who probably don’t even know that they’ve participated in this anti-jewish and negatively stereotyping Jewish people!! Come on, are you all that dumb??

  336. Debbie W Says:

    Enjoyed it. Brings back memories of my youth. Dad was a butcher and had the best meats. Uncle would pickle his own pickles. Boy were they sour!
    But, Katz’s Deli in NYC is the best. In New Jersey there is Harolds. Good food, good memories.

  337. Evie from Sydney Australia Says:

    Yum.. brings back memories of some great Kosher food in NY.

  338. Andi Golub Says:

    Moved to Eastport, Long Island 2 yrs. ago. No kosher deli for miles and miles. Gotta travel all the way to Ben’s for a good matzoh ball soup and corned beef sandwich, but it’s worth the trip. Somebody, please look at Eastern Long Island to put in a kosher deli !!!!!!!!!!!

  339. Malvina Liebert Says:

    If you live in Charleston SC, have you tried Aaron’s Deli on Meeting St? It’s attached to Hyman’s Seafood.Mostly kosher style, but some deli meat choices are, in fact, kosher.
    If you live in the Boston area, the Butcherie on Harvard St in Brookline has a wide range of excellent deli choices, but it’s not a restaurant. And it’s 100% kosher!

  340. Sheila Brown-Blei Says:

    Hot Pastrami on rye=
    Jewish Foreplay

  341. steve boomboom cannon Says:

    steve boom boom cannon says:steve boom boom cannon former columbus ohio talk show host and personal friend of leo steiner of the carnagie deli(g-drest his soul) who cut his corned beef teeth on “jack and marion’s” corned beef sandwiches,with cole slaw,pickles and pickled tomatoes right on the table what a fun tributethe song is, my mouth is watering.”the butcherie may be great i have not been home for a long time but there was and still is NOTHING like the old “jack and marion’s”

  342. David B Says:

    Had deli in many NY delis but down here in southern Florida nothing comes close to the great 3 Gs deli. Absolute heaven! Could go for a hot tongue sandwich right now.

  343. rita g Says:

    This was the greatest. Wonderful memories

  344. White Feather Says:

    Does anyone remember Kessler’s, Slaters, Mandell and Ballows and Malin’s in Baltimore?

  345. Kay Lorraine from Hawaii Says:

    I used to live in Chicago and I remember well the good deli food found on Devon Avenue. Wonderful. Now I live in Hawai‘i where the only way to get a kosher brisket is to have it shipped frozen from New Jersey. Trust me, it’s not the same. No good deli experience here. Perhaps I should consider whipping up a nice matzo-ball lau-lau. Or a Knish with two scoops rice. Feh!

    Loved the song. Loved the singer. Thanks for sharing; I sent it to virtually everybody in my shul.

  346. Joe Hartnett Says:

    PASTRAMI and COLE SLAW Russian Style Dressing, Langer’s, 7th and Alvarado, LA. Maybe a Dr. Brown’s Cel-Ray too. Gordon, thanks for the link – great song – Manilow’s lyrics were wonderful but nothing compares to this. Love the songstress too.

  347. Bella Says:

    Thank you for a very well put song. I’m a Jew & I’m ready to go out & get some corn beef on rye with a pickle!!

  348. Ann Says:

    This was great! I am leaving in Tenafly NJ just a few minutes from the NYC. However my best deli memories are from my childhood in Baltimore and Mandel and Ballows on Reisterstown Rd. The kosher hot dog wrapped in fried salami on a hard roll was to die for. I am a good cook and have eaten in many outsiding NYC deli but have not been able to reproduce that dog.

  349. Jack Friedman Says:

    My wife and I live in Vermont right near the Quebec border. This video made us drool! We grew up in Buffalo, New York and vividly remember the sites, sounds and most importantly the smells at Mastman’s Deli on the corner of Hertel and Colvin. I would kill for a good corned beef sandwich right about now.
    Sei Gesund!

  350. Neil Says:

    Lived in N.Y. for 18 years and Man there is nothing like a fresh cut meat sandwich. The Carnegie, Yonah Shimels, Katz’s. 1 was better than the other. Mouth watering delights that would give you heartburn for days. But it was well worth it.
    Ben’s on Queens Blvd was my favorite. I would get my rare Roast Beef with Russian dresing and a Knish with mustard. Marty, you were the best.
    I am up in Quebec for the last 20+ years and still miss a good Deli sandwich. Smoked Meat my eye. You just can’t make it like a New York Jewish Deli.

  351. Nate O Says:

    Being in the business for over 50 years I find the best delis were in NY Area.Philly had and has some excellent ones as Famous Deli,Ben& Irv’s,Hymie’s, Murray’s,.These are only a few still existing today.New York has taken over with delicious fish smokers, deli manufacturers,and piclklers as BaTampte. Knishes have their own space with Lipkins. Good N.Y. baked goods are still desired and have be to found. Dr. Brown’s is here.

  352. Joel R. Says:

    The singer was great, the song was funny, and the video was a reminder of the old days in NYC. Fortunately, here in Southern California we have many good deli restaurants that were mentioned by others already. Not yet mentioned is Langers in LA who has excellent pastrami and corned beef that you smell as soon as you walk in, and Katelli Deli and Bakery in Los Alamitos (about 10 miles west of Disneyland) which is the best deli and bakery in Orange County. The chicken soup is famous here for healing whatever ails you. Of course, the hot pastrami and corned beef tastes great on their own rye bread or onion rolls.

  353. ellen Says:

    Luckily, I’m from New York, so we have the luxury of good deli’s. They don’t feel like “family” anymore, but the aroma’s (“smell” is too harsh…) draws you in immediately. Being Jewish, deli food is part of many occasions, happy and sad. I hope they continue to flourish…Nothing like a good knish, pastrami sandwich and cream soda….

  354. Tracy Says:

    I thankfully and luckily live in the suburbs of Philly (King of Prussia) and close to some of the best deli’s around. Watching this video made me hungry for all Jewish “soul food.” Being a Jew..we know real Jewish rye bread from goyim rye!!!

  355. MeRo Says:

    Great song. If only there were more real deli’s out of the NY area…

  356. Helen Friedman Says:

    My maternal grandparents (the Ossips) owned a kosher deli in NYC, called Famous Astoria at 36-02 30th Avenue. This video brings back fond memories. Deli in St. Louis just doesn’t compare! Nor does non-kosher salami. I love the singer’s voice.

  357. Doug Greener Says:

    The meat isn’t the same meat that your grandfather ate. It comes from a crippled, confined, sick, poisoned animal that was raised in pain and killed in agony. Being a Jew today means saying “no” to that.

  358. pregnancypillowreviews Says:

    Great video. it’s hard to find a good deli these days.

  359. Jinky Says:

    Great Video…. I came from South Africa, and the best Deli there was in Johannesburg called FEIGELS, just great, now I am in Houston and have found three deli’s.
    New York Bagel (real NY bagels and a restuarant) fabulous. Kenny and Ziggy’s just great! and
    Katz’s – just as great. We love them, and enjoy all the deli foods there. The video brings back yiddish and deli food memories.

  360. Louis Klugh Says:

    One of the things I miss most in Columbus, OH is the deli food in NYC. There is some pretty good deli food here but it isn’t quite like in New York. How I miss it!

  361. Stephanie Brent Says:

    The gefilte fish is the real thing like in Israel–unattainable in Chicago. Too bad…there’s nothing like it.

  362. Sid Shero Says:

    A bit of Brooklyn moved to Laguna Woods California 20 years ago when the Kosher Bite Deli opened on Moulton Parkway. Home made chopped liver , matzah balls ,chicken soup, and all the rest of the foods we remember we had when we were younger. enjoy the memory .

  363. Barbara Says:

    I opened up my email this morning and clicked on this – it started my day off with a smile and fond memories of the countless times I sat with family and/or friends, sharing food and feelings (mostly happy, sometimes sad). I’m getting hungry and feklempt!

  364. gerry r Says:

    born on the lower east new york, ate gus’s pickles and deli every retired in boca raton and eat at Bens deli every gotta have deli in your life!!! G R

  365. sid lazarow Says:

    when i was 12 years old, i would go to the deli and buy a 5 and 5., which was 5 cents baloney 5 cents club bread and that would be my lunch in jr. high. when i was a little older, i would order a club sandwich with 2 hot dogs in it for 10 cents. what no one mentioned was that when we went in fo dinner,about 1937,they put all the bread you could eat,a bowl of cole slae, plenty of pickles and the whole meal cost 35 cents at the dli on saratogaaand livonia in brownsville yeh,i’m pretty old

  366. Vincenzo Says:

    From an Italanishe Shagitz… I loved it, It was very funny and made me miss Brooklyn… Oy… I’d love some good Kosher Deli right now…!

  367. Howard "The Fork" Says:

    Hey Brother Bob “Doc”:

    Thank you for sharing this. It was really enjoyable. Ironically, just last week, I had many of these same foods that I had not had in many many years. What great memories!

    Zy Gazunt
    Your Pal

  368. Marc Says:

    My dad owned the best deli in Johannesburg. I grew up on deli food and love it to this day. Great memories from Johannesburg, Cape Town, London and New York. Great song.

  369. stu Says:

    I grew up in Brooklyn and there were no shortages of great deli’s. We live in Central,NJ and Delray Beach,
    FL and there are no shortages of deli’s, but try and get a FATTY corned beef or pastrami sandwich– its impossible, the taste just isn’t there.

  370. scott Says:

    boca raton,florida,nyc, carle place,woodbury, greenvale,bayside, I am still surrounded by the best of all kosher delis whether in florida for vacation or going to madison square garden, living in long island nobody beats BENS

  371. Stephen Cohen Says:

    I grew up in the East-End of London where many Jewish people lived. I have now moved far away from there. There are no Jewish Deli’s so I cannot get to enjoy the good foods in life, I only get to eat it once maybe wvery 2 months. But hearing you sing and remembering all that I am missing, I shall now get the Worsht and Beigals out of the freezer.. Roll on tonight.. uuummm

  372. Arlyne Says:

    Sid…..I wasn’t here in ’37, but I was born in Brownsville…..Lived on Sackman St….Moved to Mineola, the Plainview….Graduated H.S. in ’64 & haven’t had real Jewish food since….Well, Chicago was OK, but the next stop was Louisville, KY…OY….Now I’m on the west coast of FL….Good deli is far & few between….After a while U forget what the REAL thing taste like….Pizza, bagels need the NY water….One pizza place in Tampa has water shipped down from the Catskills….Deli, knishes, best on the east coast

  373. Mandell Says:

    Alas, and alack! There are no more Kosher delis in my town. For a good pastrami sandwich I would travel a long way, but unfortunately not to New York. The Jewish deli, I’m afraid, is disappearing here in the southwest. Love this site.

  374. Debbie Greenfield Says:

    We need this deli in the Portland, Oregon area….we don’t have anything like it or anything that comes close to it here……my mouth is watering!!!

  375. Dan Aptekar Says:

    I want the CD Let me know when it will released to the public…

  376. Granddaughter of a Corner Deli Says:

    Made me cry…

  377. Mike Zolotorow Says:

    I’M HUNGRAY NOW!!! Very funny!!!

  378. maMarion Abramowitz Says:

    Schumers, family deli on Rivington St, lower East Side. Delicious onion smothered tenderloin steak and knublewurst on rye sandwiches. Mmmmmm

  379. Jennifer Byers Says:

    I ALMOST ATE MY COMPUTER SCREEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-D :-D :-D :-D

  380. Steve in Big OH! Says:

    If anyone knows where I can get REAL corned beef, pickled tongue, and chopped liver (NOT pate’) here in Omaha Nebraska, PLEASE TELL ME! My cousins Bob and Bevy had a deli (on Adams St.?) near the Chicago Art Institute, but they (and it?) are long gone. And they had fruit-filled, cinnamon-dusted strudel like my bubby made. We DO have good bagel here, but they don’t know what a bialy is.

  381. Merrill Says:

    Very Nice but forgot the Hot Dogs

  382. DC Says:

    Too funy, I think I need to take a trip to Wolfies in Miami!

  383. AZGrandma Says:

    Carole Schwartz Says:
    December 15th, 2010 at 7:03 pm
    Having grown up in the suburbs of Cleveland in the 60s; Corky and Lennys! I go there every time I go “home”.They serve the best corned beef sandwiches!! And the best bright green dill pickles EVER!

    I too grew up in the Cleveland suburbs (50′s and 60′s). Now in AZ. A few attempts at eastern-style Delis here, which I am grateful for. But not the same as Corky’s, Davis Bakery and Deli, Jack’s. (Don’t forget the round tomatoes!) Any trip back to Cleveland, it’s chocolate phosphate time! As I’ve read all these comments, I am suddenly starved for “my usual fix”. And don’t forget those coconut bars from Davis Bakery. How about an overnight air express deli fix to Tucson?

  384. HERB JACOBSON Says:


  385. HERB JACOBSON Says:


  386. Steven Young Says:

    I grew-up Beverly Hills,CA. Had the wonderful & still
    there “Nate N’ Als” famous Deli. I go into L.A. ever so often and stop in for real Deli food.
    Up here in Las Vegas we have “The Bagel” in the
    Summerlin Area of west Las Vegas…Good but not Nate N’ Als.

  387. barney stone Says:

    az grandma. tell me were in clevland tthe deli is. i am going to clevland clinic next week. for carole schwartz. i think i am in the hardest place to get deli. welcome to wv

  388. BONNIE Morer Says:

    My dads father had a deli in NY.
    Lifshitz delicatessen.
    My mothers father was a kosher butcher.
    I wonder why I love food so much!!!!

  389. Floyd Genauer Says:

    i was born and raised in Queens NY and I miss our delis.Ratners the greatest place in the world.The food there was WONDERFUL AND SO MUCH OF IT.They went out of business partly because all of their customers moved away.The grear Jewish exodus .Thats partly why we have no more delis As well as some other small reasons.
    We deserted ourdelis.

  390. PAUL SCHEFFER Says:

    has anybody tried Wilensky in Montreal, a great grilled salami and bologna sandwich, been making them now for 79 years, try us when in Montreal. May18 2011

  391. Gerry Linker Says:

    Read ALL of your comments (whew, there’s a lot!) and I agree the song, the video and the songstress were entertaining and mouth-watering. My husband and his brother had a deli in the Valley (L.A. CA) where Ron (the owner of BRENT’S DELI) started out. He now has two locations: Northridge and Westlake Village. Not only are the items already mentioned above fabulous, but nobody said anything about his blintzes. They are even better than his bubbie used to make, and they were better than any I had ever tasted until Brent’s.
    When you go there to try them out, tell Ron or Mark that Aunt Gerry sent you.

  392. Shyam Saxena Says:

    While this subject can be very touchy for most people, my opinion is that there has to be a middle or common ground that we all can find.

  393. Vickie Fox Says:

    I love this one.
    I’m hungry and I’m a proud Jew.

    Thanks too for all the lovely deli meals with
    family and friends in South Philly.
    What wonderful memories!


  394. ruth from boston Says:

    It brought a tear of nostalgia to my eyes. Too bad we now count calories and shun salt.

  395. margo from phoenix Says:

    i am a transplant from nj….grew up with hot bagels. nova, whitefish and strurgeon.omg the bagels nothing like that here they don’t know how to make fried onion, lox and eggs, grandmother was the best..i make it here and everyone turns thier nose up ..they don’t know what they are missing…

  396. a Gentile Who Knows Food Says:

    Forget about WOODRO DELI in Hewlett, NY -Super Fatty Pastrami ,Tough Fat in Every Bite ,Every piece of Pastrami has Fat all through, I spent spent more time picking Fat out of my sandich as well as mouth ,Excellent Cole Slaw & DR’s Brown’s Sodas Ha HA -Oh well it’s back to traveling to BEN’s in Carle Place –WURD__

  397. Betty G Says:

    Nuuuu! So what about Chopped Liver????

  398. roz kay zimand Says:

    That was great… oy vey, I need a kasha canish
    or , mmmmmmmmmmmm , matzo brie

  399. Beverly Miller-North Says:

    I do have fond memories of eating in delis. When I was little, my dad would go to the same deli almost every Sunday in Pittsburgh. He would ask, what kind of soup today. The waiter would say, “luchsion and noodle.”

    I live in Dallas and a good deli has not lasted very long. The worse bagel in NYC is better than the best bagel in Dallas.

  400. bessie asher Says:

    i lived on sackman st my father had a grocery store on sackman and blake

  401. norman Zelvin Says:

    Westchester County, NY which has the largst Jewish Population outside of NYC and LA could use a real semi kosher jewish Deli…Any entrepreneurs available . We have a few Shabbos observers food peoviders with that sideline now.

  402. recep abiye sor Says:

    Thank you, Your website is very nice. I follow the Web site from Australia.

  403. Carol Z. Says:

    Silly lyrics but so beautifully rhymed. The singer, her Yiddish accent and how simply the song is sung makes this so poignant. And yes, it makes me hungry too.
    Well done!

    Thank you.

  404. Evie Says:

    I can’t believe nobody mentioned Casino Deli in NE Philly. Ben & Irv’s is ok, but Casino has the best smoked fish and corned beef and pastrami. Also in Delray, FL there is 3 G’s (which is ok) and Toojays is pretty good. Casino in Philly is the closest deli to NY deli. Anyway I loved the video and our Casino deli has been here for over 40 years…yummy!!
    Ess gesinta haid!!!

  405. gail resnick Says:

    I grew up in brownsville, brooklyn. I am surprised of all the brooklyn people, no one mentioned the original Sid & Georges’ on church avenue and east 93rd street. This was by far, the best deli in brooklyn. The Mill Basin Deli still exists and is really one of the only “real” old fashioned jewish delis to remain in Brooklyn. Going there brings back memories of ones childhood, sunday dinners with grandma and just better times. Their walls are decorated with paintings by ERTE’. What a place to have dinner!!!!!

  406. Jim Wolfe Says:

    I’m a missed place Clevelander. Yes Corky and Lenny’s is still there but before that there was Benkie’s in the same original shopping center. Also in Shaker Hts there was Budin’s, a small corner deli on Kinsman, now Chagrin Blvd.

    Having moved around the country there are still delis in mid-town NY, Carnegie, etc. But in Atlanta we only have Grubby’s which is close, but no good pickles.

  407. Milt Says:

    I am surprised that after reading all the comments nobody mentioned “Farbers” on Sutter ave. near Junius Street. This was in Brownsville, Brooklyn. I used to buy a tenderloin steak, fries, club bread and pickles all for a buck.

  408. Myra Says:

    Loved the song. Miss the GOOD DELI in Pittsburgh. It’s gone but not forgotten.
    As a FANILOW (Manilow Fan Club Member) sent the song on to the Fan Club manager. She’ll get a kick out of it. Hope she can get Barry to hear it. Think he’ll get a kick out of it, too. Barry – born & bred in Brooklyn – sure he’s been to his fair share of delis.
    Also, sent it to my siblings without mentioning Barry. They’ll recognize it, even though they’re not Barry fans.
    Only 9 comments mentioned Barry. Guess most Deli fans aren’t Barry fans.

  409. ed Says:

    Just had this sent to me from a friend. I’m a former Borscht Belt local, did my training in NYC a few blocks up from the second Ave. Deli. The whole schtick brought back memories of Kaplan’s Deli in Monticello, the guy who gave out the tickets at Katz’s Deli on the lower East Side, and…the most unhealthy, delicious food ever created! This is a wonderful video that evokes great and romanticized memories. Remember the mustard that came wrapped in those cone shaped paper things, and the corned beef with celery tonic????? Gevalt!!!!!!

  410. Howard Horwitz Says:

    Grew up in Richmond. The New York Deli on Cary Street, may it rest in peace, was the best. Ate at the Carnegie and Katz’s and none of them beat the New York in Richmond, Virginia of all places. Boychik’s in Richmond is excellent and does a pretty good job of continuing the tradition. Thanks for the song and the memories.

  411. Sharlene Says:

    AND what about Mandel’s and The Diner in Baltimore – Attman’s too. What meals and fun we had there!!!…….For those in Ocala and North Central Fla. – Too Jays in The Villages has the corned beef & pastrami & good rye – not the old days – but we’ll take it!!!! Great video – wish we had smellavision!!

  412. Terri Cooper Says:

    Received this site in an e-mail from a friend. I was born in Wmsburg, Brooklyn, N.Y. and was the first female to ever kiss Barry Manilow who used to be Barry Pincus! I may have been the last as well…We were friends in school. We went to P.S. l6 and P.S. 50 together and our delis were Pastrami King and Kaufman’s.

    I was drooling looking at the kugel and the corned beef and that brisket! Sadly no real deli in Santa Barbara, Ca. where I live. I live 80 miles from Los Angeles and the deli is o.k. there but not like New York Deli.
    Best food in the world! Thank you for this wonderful memory of my childhood.


  413. stella Says:

    The very best food in the world. I loved the video. Reminded me of my childhood.


  414. Davidoff Says:

    I am writing you from Albuquerque, we don’t have one decent Deli, barely a a couple of bagel shops that makes delisandwiches. So once in a while, I have to buy an airline ticket and fly to New York or Chicago for a proper Jewish Deli Sandwich. Yishar Koach! to the remaining Delis in this country.

  415. Larry RUBIN Says:

    Pelham Parkway..not mentioned. Levine’s, Sunny’s, The Palace, and Zion, four kosher delis and Moishe’s, Egol’s for the best schmaltz herrings, lox, white fish, A frank, french fries, and a cel-ray before a movie at the Pelham theater every saturday. Pelham Parkway was the Ghetto of the Bronx.I lost count of the surrounding Kosher delis,, Allerton avenue….Mosholu Parkway, Riverdale, and the entire Jerome Avenue section. It was littered with small delis with the best Rolled beef, Tongue, Pastrami, and Corned Beef available anywhere. Sacramento has none.

  416. larry rubin Says:

    Sacramento report.

  417. Jake Sahl Says:

    Many years ago, in the 40′s, at 40th & Girard Ave, Parkside Ave, West Philly there was a deli called “Call me Max” where the specialty of the house was a “Knock-Bockle”

    No other place in the world has ever duplicated it. Those from the neighborhood will remember.

    Excuse me while I salivate.


  418. Eddie Boxman Says:

    Jake, “Call me Max” was a mens clothing store on 40th st. near Rutbergs drug store. However, on Girard avenue was the deli, the name was Grossmans. The owner, Myer, played a violin and he would entertain the crowd as they were getting their orders. Their specialty was Kishka, Varenikis, and knishes. However when you bit into a hot corned beef sandwich with cole slaw and Russian Dressing on both sides of the rye bread with kimmel, you thought you died and went to heaven. Those were the days. EDDIE

  419. Richard Zemser Says:

    It took a long time for this to get to me! Thanks to my brother-in-law Phil. I was born, raised and schooled in the ROCKAWAYS—ROCKAWAY BEACH. Worked in FAR ROCKAWAY at Meyer’s and the Cricket Shop. Next to Meyer’s was Toddy’s appetizers. At times the smell (fragrance!!!) was overbearing. Across the street was the famous Central Ave Deli. A Kosher delight. 25cents got you a frank and soda. During the summer, between 69th (my street…I mean “block”) and 70th on the boardwalk was a delicious Kosher deli that was, sadly, seasonal. Thanks all for bring back such fond memories. I have a funny story about the k’nish place which was next to the deli on the boardwalk…want to hear it??? Let me know.

  420. Marcia Kamien Says:

    There is still Katz’s on the Lower East Side. Very delicious, very crowded.
    I had a dear late friend who used to say that sour cream killed more Jews than Hitler. It was a joke and I am answering some guy who complained that the song denigrated Jews AND deli. Lighten up!

  421. Al Davis Says:

    Yum Yum (George) and Sally (Sala) had the very best on Featherbed Lane just around the corner from Macombs Road in the Bronx (of course)! I can still taste the brisket!!!

  422. Phil Dolinsky Says:

    Nostalgic. The Dolinsky families starting with my grandfather have owned kosher deli’s in the New york-New Jersey areas since the 1920′s, when cutting corned beef was an art, rolling mustard papers by hand was the thing, and a hot dog with sour kraut was a nickel. Times gone but not forgotten.

  423. Linda Lorintz Cutler Says:

    What memories! My parents had a deli (Tabatchniks) in Westwood NJ. The food was so delicious as my Mom did the cooking and I helped when home from school with the catering. So much work!!!!!!
    Now we visit NYC and indulge in deli at Katz,
    2nd st deli and Yona Shimmes for the best knishes. My daughter is in Brooklyn so we return whe we can. I live in the NW (Washington ST), long way to go for great deli.
    I like this video and even though my daughter is Vegan, she gets it and doesn’t put us meat eaters down.
    so there is little here to resemble a deli.

  424. Denise Baum Says:

    What a TERIFIC, FANTASTIC tribute to all the Jewish Deli’s in the world!!
    I live in NYC and have been here for 61 years.
    My fondest memories of Jewish deli’s are:
    Pastami & Things (in the East 20′s) Zookies (East 17/18 Street. 2nd Avenue Deli- owned by Abe Leventhal on 10th Street & 2nd Ave & now 33rd Street between 2rd & Lexington Avenue.
    What a fantastic song- It did my heart GOOD!!
    Denise Baum- NYC

  425. marvin wallman Says:


  426. Jon Leitner Says:

    Having grown up in NY, I miss good deli. Living in Orange County, CA, this is a deli wasteland. Besides the terrible Jerry’s, I don’t think there is a real kosher style deli in the entire county. Some good memories of back home!

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  433. Jay Punt Says:

    Long live the 2nd Avenue Deli!!

  434. Esther, another Montana Jew Says:

    Hilarious! Favorite Deli was Zucky’s in LA. Now I’m wheat free, dairy free and vegetarian so tato salad and slaw’s about all i could eat. oh ya, pickles, love pickles. was fun to listen to. fond memories of disgustingly voluptuous pastrami sandwiches when we traveled.

  435. Judy Benenfeld Says:

    Imagine my shock when I moved from North Jersey/NYC area, enjoying the best delis imaginable, to South Jersey/Philly to learn that corned beef is served cold!!! (like a supermarket deli counter) After much searching, I found a terrific deli, Kibbitz in Cherry Hill who serves corned beef hot, and fall-apart tender. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  436. shastadaisy Says:

    Sure the uncle died–oy those arteries.

  437. Flooring Says:

    I do agree with all the ideas you’ve offered in your post. They are very convincing and will certainly work. Still, the posts are very short for newbies. May you please lengthen them a little from subsequent time? Thanks for the post.

  438. Debbie Says:

    Great!! If you are ever in Baltimore come visit us at Attman’s Delicatessen 1019 E Lombard Street!

  439. Paul Says:

    Talk among yourselves. I’m a little ferkempt.

  440. Janice Says:

    OMG!! My dad owned a deli in Queens , New York for 30 years and I grew up working the counter from 9 years old until I left and moved to LA at age 25!! Brings back such great memories!! I love it.
    Thank you

  441. Linda Says:

    The song is adorable..makes my mouth water. Originally from Chicago, now many years in L.A. Good deli’s are few and far between. The corned beef is dry and sweet and sour cabbage soup, forget about it.I’ll be sending this to lots of grateful friends.

  442. Darryl Says:

    Wonderful!! Mouth watering! A fond reminder of the ‘Good Old Days’ when there were many more Kosher delis.

  443. RAY Says:

    Thank G-d I live here in N.Y.C. the land of the “DELI”. In my opinion there’s NO deli that beats Katzs’ they have the BEST Pastrami Sandwich /Pastrami & Eggs that I’ve had the pleasure of eating on and off for over 65 Yrs. I( also love their(Knobuwurst(?) not sure of the correct spelling!

  444. Cynthia Says:

    Born in South Africa. Many happy memories of New York Deli & Rieses in Cape Town. Alas they are no more. Moved to Australia 5 years ago, one or two delis here but nothing like the ones we had the pleasure of visiting in NY city 15 years ago. Took photos of the pastrami on rye and huge matza balls in the soup and still look at those and long for them even tho we live in the land down under, far from all those wonderful memories

  445. donald davidson Says:

    this brought a tear to my eye and saliva to my mouth.–
    living the last 25 years in la jolla, ca has taught me there is no place like NY deli anywhere on the west coast if not the world.
    - no! not Nat and Al,
    No, Not Cantor’s
    ! and NO, NO NO (yes i am shouting) DZ Akins

  446. Paul S Says:

    A very strong vivid memories:
    ****Sid and George on Church Ave bet East 93rd and 94th Street

    ****Pastrami King on Queens Boulevard

  447. Stewart Perry Says:

    Ah, Memories. I went to work at Cecil’s Deli in St. Paul when I was 16 and worked there until I was 17 and went to California with friends, and from there the US Navy for 4 years. I never forgot my spell at Cecil’s, still have fond memories when I stop there. Great Experience.
    Stewart Perry
    p.s. Ended up being a lawyer for 42 years. Sometimes would have preferred Cecils.

  448. Linda Effrat Says:

    Don’t you feel it? It’s not the food we miss – it’s “the family”! My Brooklyn, Flatbush family ate at “Yessin’s Delicatessen” years before most of you were born. But we all gathered at Grandma’s every weekend for her special yiddishe foods, everything from scratch. When the Grandmas left for Florida and the Mommas went out to work – that left only the food to comfort us in our great loss. Hubby says don’t forget Nates and Leons in Baltimore and I say – forget the food and remember the drama of Jewish family life. It makes me sad to feel the loss
    and cling to the memories of the smells and the tastes.

  449. Mike Cohen Says:

    I know that being in L A is not like the East Coast but we have our places also. This is great. I love it. Will send it to all my Jewish friends..The letter above mine has it right. It is about family not he food. Out here Brent’s is the best.

  450. Michael Friedman Says:

    I started laughing the moment I recognized the melody. Sung with such sincerity. Just hilarious.

    Someone suggested this was not really satire and that Barry Manilow was entitled to royalties. Of course it’s satire. It’s a song parody, and parody is one of oldest forms of satire we have.

    Oh, and Rosenblums Deli on 100th and B’Way was my home away from home when I was a kid. 75 cents for a stacked corned beef on rye. The price gives you some idea of how old I am. :-)

  451. Bern in Sydney Says:

    I truly miss the old deli’s I grew up with.
    Brings wonderful memories. Thank you.

  452. Label Mendel Says:

    Oy, Such a song. My heart Kvelled.
    Kvelled, schmeld, it made me hungry.

    Larry of Piscataway (formerly Brooklyn)

  453. Allan Rykoff Says:

    Beautiful, how well I remember the deli’s growing up in B’klyn with the hot dogs grilling in the windows. Moved down to South Florida and had lots of deli’s on Miami Beach but today, today they are gone. Have to drive miles and miles to find a good deli but I do it ever so often. Just have to, it’s part of being a Jew.

  454. Audrey Martin Says:

    The best deli in the world was Cantor’s in L.A. But Izzy’s in Cincinnati downtown was o.k., too.

  455. Glenn Goldberg Says:

    Try us in Asheville, NC. Ask for your favorites

  456. Glenn Goldberg Says:

    Try us in Asheville, NC . Ask for your favorites at Viva Deli

  457. Peter Tomaino Says:

    I Miss Brooklyn and New Yourk. I miss Katz Deli

  458. Neal Hoffman Says:

    I was practically brought up on Brooklyn’s deli hot dogs (“one with”), pastrami and corned beef, as well as the “Specials” on Sunday evenings.After a family catastrophe, I didn’t really have any of that food until I was discharged from the Marine Corps and got married. Then we moved to upstate NY, and the deli food was gone. All of a sudden a delicatessen was a grocery store, not a place to eat. Can’t get a good corned beef or pastrami sandwich up in Central NY. We can buy packaged Hebrew Nat’l hot dogs (not quite the same) or some Brooklyn style Betamte Saurkraut. But boy, it’s really gone and I miss it terribly. (and have for the past many years).The song made me yearn and made me hungry. What great memories of Mrs. Stahls Knishes in Brighton Beach, or Nathan’s hot dogs with the surroundng crowd. Well, at least I can’t gain weight from my memories. Thanks.

  459. Marty Says:

    Love it! :-)

  460. Arnie Berger Says:

    Smallman Street Deli on Smallman St., BEST Deliu in this area.As good as any Deli in Cleveland or Chicago.

  461. Elaine Kaplan Says:

    When I was 16 I worked in a Deli in Edgemere, NY and still know how to roll the papers to fill them with mustard! (those were the olden days), However, the smells of deli today are still the same.

  462. Carole Says:

    It took 16 months for this email to reach me in Michigan. Loved it. My Dad calls it Jewish “soul food”. It may be bad for the heart, but it sure is good for the soul.

  463. Melissa Rosen (Mastman) Says:

    I am the granddaughter of ANNE MASTMAN who owned and ran MASTMAN’S deli in Buffalo, New York for almost 50 years. I still have the amazing pleasure of eating her wonderful food each week (at the age of 92 years old) and she is trying to teach me the secrets! But there is just nothing like a Jewish Grandmother cooking it for you..
    My brother is opening a deli called Mastman’s in Austin with her receipes in a few months in my grandparents honor and to keep the Jewish deli tradition alive.

  464. Lori Friedman Says:

    Loved it. LOL and thanks for the laughs!

  465. Judith Peters Says:

    We need one in Brandon – what happened to Wolfies? pickels and sourcraut , oh my.

  466. Sherry Says:

    Loved it. Now I’m hungry!

  467. cruz de los milagros Says:

    Where’s my shout out?!

  468. Irwin Deutsch Says:

    My dad was one of the partners of Zei-Mar Deli on Avenue U, from 1965 until 1980 when it closed. My uncles owned the Brighton Beach store, in partners with another gentleman named Arnie. My dad pickled his own corned beefs. My dad’s uncle owned Witkins Deli in the Bronx, his brother owned the Fort Tryon Deli in Washington Heights and our cousins owned Schwellers in the Bronx. All gone now.

  469. Beth Abott Says:

    My father was the other partner at Zei-Mar. I was the cashier and “griddle girl” who sold the hotdogs and knishes. In those days there were delis all along Avenue U. Now there are very few left in all of Brooklyn. IMHO the best deli in Brooklyn is the Mill Basin Deli on Avenue T. My quibble with this song is that a Kosher deli would never have bagels and lox and cream cheese. Kosher delis sold, and still sell, meats such as corned beef and pastrami. When my family bought lox we went to Revere, an appetizing store in Brighton Beach, which was next to Mrs. Stahl’s knishes. These stores are also fond memories. They are gone now.

  470. Paula Says:

    I loved it… and all the comments as well.
    But.. the best delis were in Montreal… Oyy… no one anywhere could make a smoked me sandwich like Schwartz’s down on the main! Or Lesters’, or Brown Derby or Ben Ash (which doesn’t exist any more). Nothing like a Jew and food, especially deli!

  471. Caryl Paller Says:

    How about opening a deli in Atlanta. We really don’t have a New York deli.

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  475. Barry Levine Says:

    Katz’s was one of the best, but I grew up on Chuck & Ruby’s in Red Hook. I rolled the mustard in wax paper and ate whole cherry peppers. Mmmmmmm good.

  476. lubin Says:

    you forget the french fry.

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  484. gary drexler Says:

    After listening to this song I wanted to record this at my deli here in Tarzana,calif, We own Morts Deli on Clark street in Tarzana. I am from canarsie, and went to grabsteins , and all the other delis my dad took me and mark my older brother on sunday. My deli is the best in the valley. Come in and ask for me,gary from brooklyn.
    This song is great, I wish I could play it in the restaurant.. come in and see me

  485. gary drexler Says:

    I Love this song- come in to see me at MORTS DELI IN TARZANA,CALIF-I am originally from bklyn, canarsie. remsen and flatlands… grad from tilden H,S, this is a very funny song and wish I could play this in my deli– see u soon

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  487. itasara Says:

    Too bad we don’t have a deli like this here in Rochester!

  488. michael Says:

    absolutely fantastic…loved it loved it and when we went back to Queens couldn’t find a kosher deli till we hit Woodmere and Cederhurst

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  491. Herb Posner Says:

    Grew up on Union St. off of Sutter Ave. in the 50′s. Nothing better in my mind than the Sutter Ave. Deli. Went there every Saturday with a friend or two since I was 5. Can still see Phil in the back cutting potatoes for fries. Mac, who I think was Phil’s son, was a great guy. Never had pastrami or corned beef so good – or at least it seems that way looking at it 55 years later.

  492. Roberta I. Cohen Says:

    Shame on you for mixing dairy with meat.

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  496. Mark Berkow Says:

    Started working at my father and uncles deli-appetizing when I was 13. Eventually I bought it with a partner. We were in Lindenwood Village, Howard Beach Queens. I’ve got so many wonderful memories and this song transported me back to those glo ious days. Yes, we sold Kosher Delicatessen from a separate counter and dairy and smoked fish, along with all kinds of hom cooked Jewish specialties. Some of my personal favorites were chow mien knishes, Knish dogs, brisket and thinly cut nova on an everything bagel with scallion cream cheese,lettuce and tomato. Thanks again for posting.

  497. Dov Says:

    I was brought up on Kosher Montreal Deli. The best there is, but I must say Manhatten &, Brooklyn are indeed equal…… Jewish Deli is THE food for the soul


    I treasure the content on your site. Much thanks!.

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