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Merry Christmas: Get Ready for Chinese Food (and Deli)

I was listening to an epic radio documentary about the Charlie Brown Christmas soundtrack by jazz great Vince Guraldi, and I realized we’re in the thick of the Christmas season. Because Hannukah fell so early this year, the smell of latke grease is long gone now, as the egg nog flows through our radios and televisions. I happen to dig this time of year: the lights, the free candy canes at the bank, the never ending stream of Christmas songs written by Jews.

So here’s a Christmas greeting to all Christian deli lovers out there. If you’re heading home with the family, enjoy the tree and the carols and the sweet gifts. And to all the Jews, Hindus, Muslims, and other non-Christians out there, we’ll see you at the deli or, more likely, at Lee Garden. Or in the case of Mile End, both.

See you all in 2011. A happy new year to everyone.

4 Responses to “Merry Christmas: Get Ready for Chinese Food (and Deli)”

  1. Marc-A. Comtois Says:

    Merci…et Bonne Annee A Save the Deli!!

  2. Colton Chicas Says:

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  3. Candance Hjalmarson Says:

    Happy New Year 2011 everyone. I wish this year will bring everyone a lot of love and good health. I hope it will be much better than previous one.

  4. Radosława Says:

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