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The Knish Will Set You Free

What’s Hosni Mubarak to do, now that he’s headed to a breezy exile?

Perhaps he should take a page from former celeb chef Michael Blum, who fell from grace recently, and seek salvation in the knish.

Here’s a great story from the Miami Herald (thanks to Leah Koenig for passing it fwd). Chef Michael Blum’s fortunes rose and fell in Miami, and after hitting rock botton professionally and personally, he’s reinventing himself by selling gourmet knishes. What’s not to love on a day of liberation?

Blum resurfaced in October in an unlikely venue — Hollywood’s Yellow Green Farmer’s Market — with an unlikely product: knishes.
The traditional, kosher-style knish, a staple of delis the world over, is a baked, bun-like pastry stuffed with mashed potato and/or ground beef and/or kasha. Think Jewish empanada.
Just as Michael’s Kitchen devotees “never knew what the wacky chef was going to do next,” Blum said, neither could they predict what they’d find on the knish menu at the market ($2.50 to $6 apiece, depending on the filling).
He might make a Reuben or clam-chowder knish along with vegetarian varieties like spinach-garlic, broccoli-Cheddar and portobello mushroom with truffle oil.
He calls them “the cure for boring knishes. Your grandma’s authentic knish with a chef’s flair.


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