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Delis Boom in Bethesda

Say what you will about the state of the economy. Say what you will about the state of the deli. At least we can count on Bethesda.

I just got an email that a new deli has opened in Bethesda, MD, that city of naval officers and many Jewish families, just on the border of Washington DC. Bubby’s is the name, and its owner, Jeff Manas, is a boy from the Bronx with decades of experience in the NY deli business. Plus, he’s a Vietnam vet, which bodes well in this military rich city. He’s matched with head chef Frank Petrello, of Brooklyn, and if there ever was a NY centric team to fire up deli in the capital region, this could be it.

Here’s what they’re promising on their website:

Bubby’s is a warm and friendly place where family and friends can meet and enjoy a delicious meal. We believe in preparing our food with patience and pride; so we can enjoy the dishes many of us grew up sharing on special holidays or family gatherings. We offer favorites like chicken soup with Matzo ball, whitefish salad, stuffed cabbage, brisket of beef brimming with flavor and gravy, a pastrami sandwich on rye, a freshly baked bagel with lox and cream cheese or a homemade potato latke that could have come straight from your own Bubby’s kitchen. We believe in using only the highest quality ingredients and making our dishes fresh and in-house.

Not only is this promising, but it creates a mini-boom of delis in Bethesda. Back in November, the Uptown Deli opened in Bethesda, just around the corner from where Bubby’s has gone in. The city is seeding a deli rich corridor in this neighborhood packed with shops and restaurants already, and with any luck, more delis will come in and turn Bethesda into the next Montreal.

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