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Montreal dispatch: Schwartz’s Musical opens tomorrow and Wilensky’s open Saturdays!

Montreal, oh sweet Montreal, you never cease to bring a deli lover joy.

Two great things are going down this weekend. Some would even say monumental.

First, the hotly anticipated musical theatre adaptation of Bill Brownstein’s book on Schwartz’s is hitting the stage tomorrow at Montreal’s Centaur Theatre. Here’s what they’re promising:

Inspired by Bill Brownstein’s popular book, “Schwartz’s Hebrew Delicatessen: The Story”, comedy duo extraordinaire Bowser & Blue bring the colourful story to life on stage with a full cast of larger-than-life characters who call Schwartz’s “home,” and some of the many customers who pass through its doors. Schwartz’s: The Musical celebrates the eccentric side of Schwartz’s and what makes us Montrealers with lots of humour, wit and heart, while grappling with such issues as the smoked meat and pastrami debate, the food police, the measure of success in tumultuous times and the dreaded F-word: franchise!

Despite the long connection of delis to Broadway, I’m amazed that a deli musical is only now hitting the stage. This is pretty monumental, and I hope to get down sometime this summer to see it. Check it out:

And if that weren’t enough of a reason to visit Montreal, here’s another.

Wilensky’s, that plucky lunch counter where time stands still, has finally decided to open on Saturdays. Yes. Blessed be the heavens. Yesterday the Montreal Gazette reported the news, and Sharon Wilensky told me how quickly it spread:

A customer about your age came into the store last Friday. I had heard him talking about Twitter when he had come in the time before…. When I told him we were opening on Saturday, he tweeted it. It’s amazing how fast news travels.

Despite their new hours and newfound fame, Schwartz’s and Wilensky’s thankfully remain as untouched, old school, and delicious as ever. God, it’s been a year since I was in Montreal. Time for a return.

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  1. Alan Kannof Says:

    “Schwartz’s…..” – that’s one opening night party I’d love to attend!

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