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London’s Getting a Posh New Deli

Hey there. Remember me? Yeah, I know it’s been a long time, but with Passover, life, cars crashing into delis, and Bin Laden getting in the way, I’ve been a bit lazy on these pages. But what are you gonna do…pay me? Exactly.

Still, I come bearing good news. At least for those of you across the pond in the Ole Blighty. Yes, the comedown from the Royal Wedding is still happening, but rest assured Londoners, there is reason to hope, because The Deli West One is launching soon.

Owner Alan Lee is promising a top notch, all class, properly done kosher delicatessen in Marylebone, West London, featuring smoked salmon, salami, pickles, coleslaw, bagels, and of course, salt beef.
Construction is still in progress, but you can follow them on facebook or twitter.

7 Responses to “London’s Getting a Posh New Deli”

  1. Rachel K Says:

    Absolutely brilliant news. You’ve made my day!!!

  2. Barb B Says:

    As an ex-pat New Yorker now living in West London, you have made my day!
    We miss NYC deli so much that we make visiting relatives stop by Katz’s to pick up platters on their way to JFK. They’ll be relieved to know they’ll be spared schlepping in future.

  3. Aaron Levy Says:

    Save The Deli resulted in an awakening, David..You are responsible for the wonderful new beginnings of Delis (Kosher)!!!

    Thank you…

  4. dave gray Says:

    royal fail

  5. canada events and festivals Says:

    What’s the insurance policy for Canada Day? I will be planning on going down to be able to Windsor and observe your fireworks and enjoy the days occasions and forget about work for some time.

  6. chewinggum Says:

    Like it … very well pointed!

  7. Says:

    What’s up, just wanted to tell you, I enjoyed this post. It was practical. Keep on posting!

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