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Toronto Deli Duel Redux This Weekend

This happened last summer (Caplansky’s won), and it’s happening again, this time with the added firepower of Wolfie’s, representing the old school North York delis. Let’s do this!

5 Responses to “Toronto Deli Duel Redux This Weekend”

  1. Bernard Horowitz Says:

    This is the best smoked meat in the world!!

  2. Dee Says:

    Hey, thanks for the hit. I saw you on tv (restaurant wars?) and you were good. When I see this sandwich it reminds me of what I love, pastrami on rye. With a latke and perhaps a half-sour.

    A restaurant nearby opened with a pastrami sandwich a few months ago. They detailed the place they bought the meat from (I forgot), served dry cold pastrami on sourdough white bread. The waiter told me his friend had been in earlier and said the sandwich “sucked.” I concurred. He said the chef was looking for pointers (grilled cheese might have been a good one) and a few days later I lent him your book and never saw him or the book again.

    It’s summer and the east coasters and Montrealers are coming back into town. If I buy the book from your site will you sign it for me?

    And perhaps let me know the best place in Salt Lake City where a lapsed Catholic and TX Church of Christ couple can go for good deli. Thanks! Dee

  3. Pastramiking Says:

    Can I come?

  4. canada events july 2011 Says:

    What’s your current plan for Canada Day? I’m planning on going down to be able to Windsor and watch the actual fireworks and relish the nights situations and tend to forget concerning help a short time.

  5. Nasiha Bali Says:

    I like this post very much. I will definitely be back. Hope that I will be able to read more informative posts then. Will be sharing your wisdom with all of my friends!

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