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The Second 2nd Ave Deli opens today

Tuesday, August 16th, 2011

Now here’s a reason to celebrate. Some five years after the original 2nd Ave Deli closed and four after it reopened on 33rd, the second version of the 2nd Ave Deli is opening today on Manhattan’s Upper East Side.

Don’t expect too much to be different about the UES 2nd Ave. Many long time staff will be manning the place, under the eyes of Josh and Jeremy and Jack Lebewohl. The chopped liver and heart attack sandwiches will all be there, but perhaps there’ll be more well off debutantes with facelifts in the crowd.

The Forward did a great interview with Jeremy yesterday. I think it’s worth reading:

Lucy Cohen Blatter: At the Upper East Side location, can we expect the same type of colorful characters weíve gotten to know downtown?

Jeremy Lebewohl: Definitely a few. Weíre training people now, and I try to explain to staff that itís a very unique type of service that we offer. Thereís fine dining and fast food. We donít fall into either category. Itís not a slow-paced meal, but that doesnít mean you wonít get top service ó it just has to be appropriate for the deli. Of course, kibbitzing and jokes are allowed. It can be difficult to find the right personalities to match what we need.

Are there any menu items that will be unique to the UES location?

First off, thereís nothing we offer on 33rd Street that wonít be offered here. We have a few dishes that weíre thinking about introducing. One thing thatís new at both locations is a pastrami skirt steak. Also, Iím working on getting a gizzard stew on the menu. I love gizzards.

Do you ultimately hope to open more locations?

Right now, our immediate goal is to open this location and show New York that the 2nd Avenue Deli on 75th Street can provide the same quality food, and feeling as 33rd Street. Once we can do that, who knows what the future might hold? What makes us unique is the ambiance and the food. You can tell itís a family business. Itís not a generic chain ó itís not McDonalds.

What do you think about all the new string of delis opening around the U.S.? Seems like deli is becoming kind of cool.

I donít know, I always thought delis were pretty cool. The trends are now are less about calorie count, and more about the quality of the food. People are not so scared to eat something thatís high in fat as long as itís good quality. They want to eat food with just a handful of ingredients, and thatís deli. You know what youíre eating, and a scientist didnít manufacture it. Thatís something thatís becoming more appealing to people.

Read more:

2nd Avenue Deli 1442 First Ave. (on the corner of 75th Street and 1st Ave)

Deli Birth in the Twin Cities

Monday, August 8th, 2011

Hi there. Don’t get too excited, I’m just coming up from my summer hibernation to spread some good news out of the Twin Cities deli front (courtesy of the well named Matt Saxe, check out his Fringe show).

A new deli is coming to the Minneapolis/ St. Paul area soon. It’s called Rye Delicatessen and Bar, and it’s slated to be open in October sometime by chef Tobie Nidetz and restaurateur David Weinstein. I don’t know much about it, but considering the area’s much loved Fishman’s Kosher Market and Deli closed this past winter, it’s a good sign for the economy of deli lovers, for sure.

Here’s some interviews with the owners. Fingers crossed on this one.

Restaurant team kvells over upcoming Rye Deli in Minneapolis

Welcome Rye

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