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Deli Birth in the Twin Cities

Hi there. Don’t get too excited, I’m just coming up from my summer hibernation to spread some good news out of the Twin Cities deli front (courtesy of the well named Matt Saxe, check out his Fringe show).

A new deli is coming to the Minneapolis/ St. Paul area soon. It’s called Rye Delicatessen and Bar, and it’s slated to be open in October sometime by chef Tobie Nidetz and restaurateur David Weinstein. I don’t know much about it, but considering the area’s much loved Fishman’s Kosher Market and Deli closed this past winter, it’s a good sign for the economy of deli lovers, for sure.

Here’s some interviews with the owners. Fingers crossed on this one.

Restaurant team kvells over upcoming Rye Deli in Minneapolis

Welcome Rye

2 Responses to “Deli Birth in the Twin Cities”

  1. Michael Schwartz Says:

    I ate at Brother’s in downtown MInneapolis in April of 2010. Had a very nice pastrami sandwich. As I remember there was a very nice bowl of pickles and tomatoes on the table. They treated me very nicely.

  2. Matt Saxe Says:

    David!! Thank you for the amazing shout-out for both myself and my Minnesota Fringe Festival show. I am truly grateful. The show went very well. More coming later in the year.
    I and many other Twin Cities deli fans are hoping for the best with this new deli. Thank you for sharing this information here on your incredible website.
    Save the Deli!

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