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Opening Soon: London’s Deli West One

If you happen to be in London in one week’s time, you’re well placed to catch the most exciting thing to happen to delicatessen in the UK in many years. That’s the day when Deli West One is set to open, ushering in the artesenal delicatessen movement to our brothers across the pond. Trafficking in Ashkenazi staples, like salt beef and smoked salmon, as well as newer interpretations (developed with former Mile End chef Aaron Israel), it’s a pretty bold and ambitious take on deli for a city that knows its deli well.

Check it out.

2 Responses to “Opening Soon: London’s Deli West One”

  1. Dee Says:

    I’ll tell some folks about London. Don’t know salt beef but is sure sounds good. I’m here in 12 degree weather trying to grill. No, not latkes or slaw. I can’t get a good pastrami sandwich out here to save my life, and a waiter stole your book! I probably gave it up for the cause, because it was the first day their restaurant served up the worst pastrami sandwich in my life. They didn’t even have the right bread or mustard. Oy vey, served me right.

  2. Leroy Says:

    i can only imagine that this place is going to be amazing! i’ve eaten at Mile End in brooklyn, ny , which is another place Aaron Israel put together, and the food was simply AWESOME. everything was unique and delicious!! this place sounds really cool too

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